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Archive: July 2020

Garage Door Repair 101: How to Protect Your Garage from Flooding


Winter and spring rains can get pretty intense in Sacramento California — and that can lead to substantial flooding problems. This can result in serious mold outbreaks — as well as damage to floors and walls. It can also cause a wooden garage door to

Tips to Preventing Critters from Infesting Your Garage


Is your garage a cockroach AirBNB? Maybe — and those disgusting little pests don’t even need to sign a contract. Your garage is a warm and inviting place. That makes it susceptible to an infestation by all sorts of creatures — snakes, mice or rats,

Garage Door Bottom Seal Repair: DIY or Professional Repair?


Granted, repairing your garage door bottom seal isn’t dangerous work, and it’s not difficult either. It’s not like replacing a garage door spring, balancing a garage door, or installing a brand new garage door — jobs that absolutely require the expertise of a professional to

New Garage Doors: A Guide to Choosing the Right Material

In the market for a new garage door? Once you’ve decided your budget, the next thing you should choose is which type of material you want for your garage door. Each choice has its own advantages when it comes to aesthetics, cost, and maintenance considerations. Wooden doors are very popular due to their natural beauty. They tend to be more expensive and require a good deal of upkeep. Steel doors tend to be more affordable, depending on the gauge. They are extremely durable and low maintenance. Aluminum doors are lightweight, which puts less stress on the garage door opener. Modern aluminum doors aren’t as prone to denting as older models are known for. Any type can be combined with insulation to cut your cooling costs and increase the door’s durability.