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Three Beautiful Glass Aluminum Garage Doors Installed by SACS


Custom glass aluminum garage doors from SACS garage repair

One of the most popular garage door aesthetics this summer has been our glass-aluminum option. There’s nothing more classic than rows of bright, clean glass windows emphasized and outlined by a black aluminum grid. It’s a look that works especially well for businesses, bars and restaurants who desire a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas, as well as good ventilation.

This video showcases a 12×8-foot door, and two 16×8-foot doors. All three feature high-cycle springs, with the two larger doors employing heavy-duty springs in order to handle the heavy weight. The bigger the better in our opinion! These are equipped with Jackshaft LiftMaster 8500 garage door openers, which offer a side-mounted configuration that frees up ceiling space.

These particular doors are considered “high-lifted,” which means the garage door tracks are as close to the ceiling as possible. Having as much headroom as possible is not only attractive and airy, but also advantageous when working on cars, under the hood.

These samples feature four by three glass panes, 12 total. You can choose clear glass or white laminate glass depending on your privacy needs. Watch our YouTube demonstration to see them in action. Custom Glass Aluminum Garage Doors from SACS Garage Door Repair Sacramento

How to Tell it’s Time to Install a New Garage Door at Your Home

When you bought your home, your garage door was working perfectly. It was relatively new and it was an attractive part of your home’s curb appeal. But over the years, the garage door has weathered and faded, the tracks and hinges are rusting, and you have constant problems with the torsion springs. Maybe the eyes are even damaged, so you can’t trust it to open or close properly every time. These are issues that really compromise the safety of your family and the security of your home, so it’s probably time to get a new garage door installed. Just make sure you choose an expert professional who gives good advice and works with your needs and your budget.