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What Factors Into New Garage Door Cost


Considering garage doors are so essential to daily life, only need replaced every 15-30 years, and offer a near dollar-for-dollar ROI, you might expect them to cost more than they do! Along with curb appeal, a new, fully-functioning garage door increases safety, peace of mind, and control over your property (with so many “smart” systems allowing you to operate your garage door, even when you’re not at home.)


Reports show that the average homeowner spends about $1000 on installing a new garage door, though the cost can be anywhere from $200-$4,000 or more. The number of doors, or size of door you need will obviously play a big role. A wide two-door garage will cost more than a single one.


Insulated doors with high R-value to keep cold and hot air out (of your garage and home) can increase the cost, but help you save money in the long run. You might not think you need an insulated door in the Sacramento region, but you should consider the increased energy efficiency. An insulated door keeps your garage from getting too hot in the summer, making it easier to cool your house, allowing you to spend less on electricity.


Similarly, spending a bit more on high quality materials and a modern, updated look can certainly be worth the price, since it offers such a solid return. Your choices for garage door material are typically steel, aluminum, or wood. Steel doors need to be completely replaced if damaged, but they are hardier and need to be replaced less. Wood doors are usually composed of panels, so only the damaged section would need to be replaced. Customized wood doors are generally the most expensive, but they also add an undeniable amount of charm and class.

Are There Too Many Choices When Looking for a New Garage Door?

Do you need to replace your old garage door? If you’ve been looking around the internet at different vendors or other people’s homes for examples of different styles available, the choices might seem overwhelming. But it’s important to factor in the age of your garage, the style of the outside of your home, and whether or not you want features like smart home openers included in your replacement door. This is why it’s so important to set up an appointment with a well renowned garage door installer in your area. They can come to your home and give you personalized suggestions that can help narrow down your best choices and make you better informed before buying.