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Tips to Preventing Critters from Infesting Your Garage


Is your garage a cockroach AirBNB? Maybe — and those disgusting little pests don’t even need to sign a contract.

Your garage is a warm and inviting place. That makes it susceptible to an infestation by all sorts of creatures — snakes, mice or rats, cockroaches, and other bugs. And it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. And once they’re in, they tend to get cozy — infestations can be very difficult to get rid of and often require the expertise of a professional exterminator.

Being proactive is the best approach. Here’s how to seal up your garage and prevent pests from getting into your garage in the first place.

Seal All Food

Many of us use our garage for extra storage space. But rodents have an extremely powerful sense of smell. They can smell that yummy goodness sometimes from miles away. And they will come calling.

Be sure to store all food in sealed up containers. This helps control the smell — which prevents bugs from getting inside in the first place.

Keep a Dry Garage

Rain water can find its way into a garage — especially during the intense rains we get in Sacramento California. Be sure to sop up any standing water. Pay attention to garbage can lids laying on their side and make sure they are free of water.

Replace Your Garage Door Bottom Seal

Your garage door bottom seal is the weatherstripping on the bottom of your garage door. Overtime, it can crack and break apart. This can let water into your garage during a storm. It can also provide an entryway for rodents and pests. Be sure to periodically replace your garage door bottom seal. This garage door repair will keep your garage dryer, and it prevents critters from getting inside your garage.

Businesses that Use Overhead Doors

It’s not only warehouses and autobody shops that stand to benefit from a versatile overhead commercial garage door. Many restaurants are installing them because they can be opened up on sunny days so guests can enjoy the beautiful weather. Fire departments naturally use them. For fire departments, the durability and versatility of the garage doors must be top rate. Car dealerships also use them to provide security while still allowing access for the cars. Office and apartment buildings use them to provide parking for their tenants. An overhead door is perfect for nearly any business that can benefit from a large door. There are numerous options available when it comes to style and design, depending on your needs and space constraints.