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Our Case for Professional Garage Door Bottom Seal Repair


Granted, repairing your garage door bottom seal isn’t dangerous work. It’s not like replacing a garage door spring, balancing a garage door, or installing a brand new garage door — jobs that absolutely require the expertise of a professional to ensure safety and precision. Repairing the weatherstripping or bottom seal on your garage door safely falls into the DIY garage door repair category.

And yet it doesn’t hurt to have your seal replaced by a professional. After all, you can make your own breakfast perfectly fine — but isn’t it nice to go out to brunch and enjoy a garden fresh omelet prepared by a professional chef?

We think so — which is why you should let us repair your garage door bottom seal. It’s a fairly simple job, but it does require 2 to 3 hours worth of work. Why not spend that time watching the game, enjoying the beach, soaking in the beautiful Sacramento sun?

A Job Most People Ignore

Sadly, most people don’t even think about their garage door bottom seal in the first place. Some might not know that it’s there or what function it performs. The garage door bottom seal is the weatherstripping on the bottom of your garage door that keeps out, well, the weather. It prevents rain, flood water, leaves and other debris from getting into your garage during the storm. (And we all know that winter rainstorms in Sacramento, California can get pretty intense.) It also prevents critters like rodents, bugs, snakes, and mice from getting into your garage and starting an infestation.

And since the seal is made of rubber, it will eventually wear out. It will crack in the hot summer sun. Pieces will break off. It loses its effectiveness over time.

You really should replace your garage door bottom seal every few years. We recommend inspecting the bottom of your garage door whenever you do your seasonal inspection. That’s one of the first things we look at as garage door professionals.

How to Replace It Yourself

To be honest, replacing the garage door bottom seal is not a difficult garage door repair. You can purchase a new seal at most hardware stores. If you do decide to DIY this job, be sure to measure the seal exactly. There’s nothing worse than sliding in a new seal only to realize you’re a few inches short.

Once you’ve purchased the materials, unscrew the attachments holding the garage door seal to the bottom of your garage door. Remove the old seal and slide in the new. That’s the job in a nutshell. But of course problems will always present themselves — rusted bolts, the wrong size of weatherstripping, lining everything up just right. Good luck!

24/7 Professional Garage Door Repair

Or call us instead. We do 24/7 emergency garage door repair. Our repair professionals can come out at a moment’s notice and take the job off your hands! Then you can get back to relaxing and enjoying the rest of your weekend.

New Garage Doors: A Guide to Choosing the Right Material

In the market for a new garage door? Once you’ve decided your budget, the next thing you should choose is which type of material you want for your garage door. Each choice has its own advantages when it comes to aesthetics, cost, and maintenance considerations. Wooden doors are very popular due to their natural beauty. They tend to be more expensive and require a good deal of upkeep. Steel doors tend to be more affordable, depending on the gauge. They are extremely durable and low maintenance. Aluminum doors are lightweight, which puts less stress on the garage door opener. Modern aluminum doors aren’t as prone to denting as older models are known for. Any type can be combined with insulation to cut your cooling costs and increase the door’s durability.