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How to Tune-Up Your Garage Door


Garage Door RepairThe longer you own your garage door, the more you’ll notice problems with its performance – especially if you don’t take proper care of it. Common signs that your garage door needs a little attention include:

  • Noisiness
  • Difficulty opening
  • Visible signs of rust
  • Frequent breakdowns

We typically recommend that garage door owners spend a few minutes a month inspecting their door for problems as well as lubricating specific garage door parts. Your spring, hinges, and roller can all be lubricated. Stick with a white lithium grease or silicon spray. Don’t use WD-40 because that can strip lubricant from the parts.

If you see rust, don’t panic. It takes a long take before damage occurs. You can salvage most parts by using a rust removal solution followed up by lubrication. If it looks like the rust has damaged the part, you should consider hiring a garage door repair company to replace it.

Also – don’t lubricate your rail as it could lead to a garage door off track problem.

Take Care of Your Garage Door and It Will Take Care of You

We know how easy it is to ignore things until they break, but by spending just a little bit of your time looking after your garage door you can prevent problems before they occur.


What’s the Average Garage Door Service Cost in Sacramento?

If you’re in need of garage door maintenance and are worried about the cost, we have some good news for you. The average price for a garage door technician typically falls around $100 to $300. Fortunately, most repairs are very affordable compared to other types of contract work. That’s why if you have garage door problems, it’s a good idea to call a local repairman for a free quote before you decide to take on a DIY project that might cost more. The most expensive repairs usually involve spring replacement or a new garage door. If you’re looking for a quote, we’ll happily provide you an upfront estimate with no pressure to buy and no commitment needed – just call today.