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How to Avoid Garage Theft During the Holidays


Reminder - Keep Your Garage Door ClosedHere at Sac’s Garage Door Repair we wanted to wish all our neighbors in Sacramento a very happy holiday season. But just as there are people enjoying the holidays, there are those looking to spoil someone else’s fun.

Unfortunately, the holidays tend to bring increased theft as opposed to less. Many homeowners and businesses leave their garage doors wide open and in many cases unmonitored. Thieves that don’t take advantage of this during the day time are sure to come back at night to see if you make the same mistake then.

5 Ways to Secure Your Garage Door

We don’t want to see anyone lose their holiday gifts or belongings, so we’ve made a quick list of how you can keep your garage door secure this holiday season.

1) Keep it Closed!

Unless you’re using the garage, there’s little reason to keep it open all the time. This is especially true if you store a lot of tools or other expensive things in your garage.

2) Locking Your Inner Garage Door

Some homeowners like to leave their interior garage door unlocked for easy access. We don’t recommend this at all. If someone were to gain access to your garage, that interior door is the only thing left between thieves and entry to your home.

3) Secure Your Emergency Release

We’ve covered this neat little trick in the past. Thieves can use a clothes hanger to release your garage door’s emergency handle which allows them to gain access from outside. Numerous videos are online of people replicating this trick in less than a minute. By using a lock or zip tie, you can completely prevent this from happening. The only thing to remember is that you should also keep something in your garage to break this tie in the event of an emergency situation.

4) Safeguard Your Garage Door Remote

Thieves know that homeowners tend to keep their remote garage door openers clipped to the sun visor in their car. We know this is tempting for convenience sake, but keep your opener inside your home, not your car.

5) Use Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights will light up when movement is sensed near your garage door. Thieves tend to pick the easiest thing to steal and most of them don’t want to deal with motion sensor lights.

A Garage Door Service Company Can Help Secure Your Door

If you want to be certain that your garage door is secure, consider contacting a local garage door company. Most of them would be happy to help you upgrade and secure your door. Here at Sac’s, we offer complete repairs, tune-ups, and locksmith services if you’re located in El Dorado Hills or nearby counties in Sacramento.

Garage Door Repair Tips for Homeowners

Looking for a repair guide for a garage door? You’re in the right spot. Sac’s Garage Door Repair is the go-to place for all your overhead door issues. Our blog covers most garage issues and is a useful resource for just about any do-it-yourselfer. And if you’re unable to DIY, we have friendly technicians standing by 24/7. Just give us a call at 916-442-7243 for a free no-pressure quote from a real person. We offer flexible scheduling and affordable repairs using only the highest quality of parts for your garage door. Plus, we stand by our work with a 100% service guarantee.