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Why You Should Invest Your Tax Return on New Garage Door Installation

Why You Should Invest Your Tax Return on New Garage Door Installation

Tax returns are starting to come back. And while it may be tempting to put that check towards a family vacation, new clothes, digital devices, or a speedboat — those aren’t the smartest investments. A new garage door, on the other hand, is just that an investment — one that gives back 97% of what you put in, on average. In fact, garage door installation has one of the best returns on investment for all home improvements, dollar for dollar.

Ask yourself how long has it been since you’ve had a new door? If it’s more than 15 years old, or shows signs of wear and tear, it might be time. This is especially true if you plan on selling the property anytime soon — or just want to improve its value and get the most enjoyment out of your home.

Have You Thought About Installing a New Garage Door Opener?

You could also upgrade your garage door opener. An opener won’t last the lifetime of a door, so you’ll need to replace it quicker than you would a door, on average. You might also consider investing in a smart garage door opener that gives you remote access through your smartphone — anywhere with an Internet connection.

An Investment Worth Planning

We mentioned how strong the return of investment is on a new garage door. But what you get back is naturally relative to what you put in. That being said, a new garage door installation (or even just a new garage door opener installation) is worth planning and saving for. That’s why we recommend these kinds of improvements for tax returns — you’ll accrue equity rather than burn it up in smoke.

A tax return is one way to make a worthy investment in your home through new garage door improvements. A personal loan from your bank is another. It can make all the difference between buying a cheap steel door that does not improve your home’s value all that much — or purchasing a beautiful wooden insulated door that does. As garage door professionals, we always encourage our customers to spend what they can afford — but plan and save for it so you can get the most value for your investment.

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install Garage Door

Did you know that you can void your warranty if you install your garage door yourself? There are good reasons for this — there’s just too much that can go wrong! This job is not as easy as it looks. You need to not only make sure the tracks are straight and aligned, but you need to make sure the door is properly balanced. This requires the tools and knowledge of a garage door professional. Otherwise, you could cause serious damage to the door or the tracks. It may even appear to work fine at first but can warp and break after a month or two of use. A garage door is a substantial investment. Don’t risk that investment by trying to save a few dollars on the installation. Get it done right by having your door professionally installed.