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The Advantages of Steel Garage Door Installations — Why It Just Might Be the Best

The Advantages of Steel Garage Door Installations - Why It Just Might Be the Best

When deciding on the right garage door to install, there are numerous materials to choose from: wooden, aluminum, fiberglass, and steel. And while steel might not have the natural appeal of wood or the lightness of aluminum, it has many advantages that often get overlooked. Steel doors are great for the money. They have low upkeep. They are highly secure and versatile. Here are a few reasons why steel garage doors may not only be the best value — but offer the best performance. One thing’s for sure, steel garage doors are underrated and worth taking closer consideration.

Cost Value

Steel doors tend to be much more affordable than wooden doors. In addition to having a lower price tag, steel doors will last longer with less maintenance required. Steel doors tend to have less wear and tear so they look great. And with the right paint job, steel doors have plenty of visual appeal. It just depends on how the door is presented.


Steel, by definition, is strong — one of the most durable on the market. This means all the world when it comes to security. They’ll survive attack better than just about any garage door material out there — wood, aluminum, fiberglass. And because they stand up to the test of age, steel won’t rot on you and become a security risk in the future. A rotten wooden door is an invitation for thieves.

And if you should have a fire, steel won’t be a problem that contributes. While the wildfires that have ravaged California lately have been known to melt steel, steel won’t start a fire or become a fire hazard.

Insulation is a Given

Steel has versatile and affordable insulation options. You have options for sandwich-type or multi-layer manufacture for insulation — which is great for your energy bill. Even in a place as tempered as Sacramento, California, the insulation will also keep out the heat in the summer — so your home will be cheaper to air condition. And that means big savings on your energy bill.

Style Potential

Many people automatically choose wood for the style — it’s naturally pleasing, they say. But the truth is you really can do so much more with steel and a little imagination. Steel panels are easy to stamp and mold into stylized shapes. That means more versatile window combinations, as well as ridges, slats, and other features. There really is no limit to what you can do.

Color will pretty much define a garage door. With steel, the sky’s the limit. Steel showcases color and can be less susceptible to fade. This can go a long way to improving and maintaining a high resale value.