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4 Garage Door Safety Tips for Pets


Our pets are like members of our family — only cuter and furrier! Many people leave them in the garage while they are away during the day, or if they haven’t got the space for crates in the house. Or if said furry family member is a raccoon you’re rehabbing… 

If you use your garage as a convenient doggie day care, you’ve got to know the conditions in the garage keep them safe and comfortable at all times. Here are 5 ways you can design your garage so pets are safe and cozy all day long.

1. Make Sure Your Garage Door is Insulated

Considering how hot Sacramento can get during the summer months, you definitely want to make sure the insulation on your door is up to snuff. Insulated doors keep the hot air out just as well as the cold, so they are very important to have in California, especially if your pet is inside your garage during hot days. Make sure the R-Value of your door is high enough.

If you are considering installing a new garage door and plan to keep your pet inside your garage, definitely look into insulation options. Not only that, but an insulated door will help keep your home cool as well — and that will really save on your electric bill!

Honestly, you should have the entire garage insulated if you have any living creatures spending a decent amount of time in there. Insulation not only ensures energy-efficient, comfortable climate, but it prevents pests from taking up residence in the walls and provides noise insulation, which can help keep pets calm, especially during storms.

2. Inspect Springs & Replace if Necessary

Keeping up on garage door springs is important for your family’s safety, especially if your pet spends a lot of time in the garage. Visually inspect your garage door springs for signs of rust, slack, or brittleness. If you notice anything of concern, call a garage door professional to come out, repair and replace your springs. 

These springs are under an incredible amount of tension and can cause serious bodily injury if they should snap. Especially extension springs can be dangerous, as they’re exposed on the inside of the wall, and a particularly mischievous or climbing pet can access them without much trouble. That’s not safe for pets!

3. Install Smart Cameras

If your pet spends a lot of time in the garage when you are not home, consider installing smart cameras in your garage so you can keep an eye on them. This not only helps make sure they are safe, it provides a way for you to connect and bond with your pet while you are at work. Some cameras, like the Nest Security Cam, will even allow you to communicate with your smartphone, so your pet can hear your encouraging voice and not get lonely. 

These cameras allow you to switch viewing angles so you can keep up on their activities. And it’s super-affordable to grab and set up a few of them, if you’re a particularly-concerned owner. Or if that pet is a raccoon and loves to be everywhere all at once. You can view the camera remotely from your smartphone and keep up with your pet from anywhere, even riding the subway or during lunch at the sandwich shop.

4. Install the Pet Door Away from the Garage Door

Many pet owners make the mistake of installing a pet door near or in their garage door. This can be very dangerous. It makes your garage door too tempting — making it easier for your pet to get caught under the door as it is closing. Even with photo eyes for safety, these sometimes can malfunction. Some older doors might not even have them.

Everything should be about your pet having zero reasons to ever go near the garage door, which you can easily do via conditioning. If you must have a pet door, consider installing it away from your garage door — perhaps in a door not near the garage door or the door leading into the house. 

5. Keep Things Tidy

Don’t leave things that might be dangerous to an animal lying loose around the garage. Put away tools, don’t leave paint or other flammable things accessible on shelves or the floor, make sure there are no gaps through which a slithery friend could get themselves stuck, or anything sharp that a playful puppy could mistake for a toy.

We love our pets. Let’s keep them safe. The garage is often the perfect solution for having a pet space away from the living space, out of the way when you have guests over, etc. But you also want the garage to feel just like the rest of the home for your furry friends. It’s not too hard; and it’s a chance to do a mini garage makeover!

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Broken garage door spring? Sacramento homeowners would be wise to call a pro for this garage door repair! This is not a DIY job. These springs are under an incredible amount of pressure. After all, they are designed to make lifting a several hundred-pound door feel like a piece of cake. If a spring should suddenly snap, it can cause serious bodily injury — even death. A garage door professional has the tools and expertise to be able to do the job safely and effectively. Fortunately, we offer 24/7 garage door repair for the Sacramento area. Give us a call today!