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The Convenience & Safety of Smart Homes & Garage Doors


Lights are a sign of life — an indication someone’s home, living life in their cozy sanctuary of an obode.

The beautiful thing about smart technology for overhead garage doors and your home is you can turn on your lights, even when you’re not home.

Confuse thieves — and keep your home safer. Smart technology is a beautiful thing.

A More Inviting Homecoming

Picture a lit and inviting house, waiting for you when you come home. With smart technology, you can turn the lights on remotely so your house is warm and inviting when you arrive. You can also turn on lights inside your garage, especially if the lights are connected to your garage door opener. Never come home to a dark house again!

Protection Against Burglars

Working late at the office one night? Plan to be away on vacation for a while? With smart technology, you can turn on all the lights during early evening hours while you are away — so it looks like you are at home!

Plus, you can remotely open and close your garage door to provide access to pet sitters when they need to get inside. How cool is that?

Lights, Camera, Action!

With smart technology, your whole house can light up as soon as somebody accesses it. This is not only convenient to you not coming home to a dark house, but if a burglar broke in they are in the living room spotlight. A lit house scares away thieves. They’ll run away to safer pastures!

Thinking About Replacing Your Garage Door or Opener?

If you are thinking about replacing your garage door or opener, you should definitely consider a smart option. We have many WiFi connected garage doors available and install openers in Folsom, Rocklin, Davis, Roseville. Lincoln, Elk Grove, Loomis, Rio Vista, and throughout Sacramento.

Dear Sacramento: What’s the Cost to Install a Garage Door?

In Sacramento, the cost to install a garage door is anywhere between $500 to $800. Sure, you’ll ready some less reputable blogs online that say you can knock it out yourself in about 8 hours. But is that really a good idea? No — it’s downright terrible. The cost to install a garage door professionally is just a fraction of the cost of the door itself. And if you DIY this job, you are putting your investment in a new door at risk. You could irreparably damage the door as well as put family members and pets at risk. Need proof this is a terrible idea? If you install a garage door yourself, you’ll void the warranty. And for good reason. Installation requires special tools and experience most homeowners simply don’t have. You have to get the balance perfectly right, the door perfectly straight. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye!