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3 Projects to Optimize Property Value When House Flipping


House flipping is definitely a profitable venture in Sacramento, California. Buy a house that needs a little fixer upper handiwork and you can resell it for lucrative cash. Many of our regular customers do just that. They invest in real estate that needs a little help, fix it up, and then resell at a pretty profit.

But here’s the thing: Like any other business, you need to be careful with what you invest, and weigh cost versus benefit. And when it comes to getting the most out of your house flipping investment dollars, it pays to focus on the outside of the house. Think curb appeal. Without a beautifully facing street front, that house won’t sell for much.

When it comes to home renovation, work done on the outside of a home has a higher ROI than interior improvements. Projects with the highest year-over-year increase in value are upgrades that can be seen from the street, according to REMODELING magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value Report. Curb appeal makes a great first impression can be critical when it comes to resale value.

So here are 3 projects we’d suggest to increase curb appeal and boost the equity of your home.

Install a New Garage Door

Installing a new garage door on a home has one of the highest returns on investments of all home improvements, 97% — virtually dollar for dollar. The reason is because of the impact a new door has on curb appeal.

The quality of a door is key. A beautiful door might perk interest, but a quality door is essential to landing a sale. It should be of a high quality material like wood or quality aluminum, galvanized steel, or fiberglass, and it should be insulated. Even in a warmer climate like Sacramento, California, an insulated door is important to controlling energy costs. It keeps the hot air out, so you spend less electricity on air conditioning.

Invest in a Security Gate

If you live in Sacramento, California, then you understand the importance of “a gated community.” Installing a security gate on your property means car thieves will give your house a pass and continue with their neighborhood shakedown. Make crime a hassle for the criminal, and they’ll leave you alone.

Well designed and visually eye catching gates can also increase curb appeal to a property. Potential homebuyers see the property as higher class and understand the value a gate brings in safeguarding their property and privacy. Adding a gate can substantially increase the property value of your home.

Paint the House with Vibrant Colors

It’s amazing how much life and freshness a new paint job can bring to a home. Be creative with the colors. Choose a color scheme that celebrates the vibrancy of California.

Why You Should Always Hire a Pro for Sacramento Garage Door Installation

Thinking about installing your garage door yourself? Think again. A garage door is a sizable investment — one most Sacramento homeowners make only once or twice in their life. By trying to save a few dollars and DIYing the installation, you risk damaging that investment. In fact, you may very well void the warranty if you don’t hire a professional — and for good reason. You could seriously damage the door as well as put your family and pets at risk. Proper door installation requires experience and expertise in order to get the balancing and connections right. Problems might not arise until weeks or even months after use. Even if you think you’ve installed your garage door properly, this might not be the case. Get the most for your investment by hiring a garage door professional in the first place.