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5 DIY Garage Repairs to Reduce Humidity


5 DIY Repair Tricks to a Dryer Garage

Winters in Sacramento, California get pretty wet. Thankfully, we don’t have the snow to deal with, but we do have the rain — buckets and buckets of it. And all that humidity can be hard on your garage door. This is especially true of you use your garage to store precious items. It can be especially critical if you have a wooden garage door. You may need to seal and paint the door more often as part of your regular garage door maintenance routine. Here are a few DIY garage door repairs you can make to guard against humidity and protect the lifespan of your garage door.

Minimize Water into Your Garage

Keep water out of your garage by toweling off a wet car before you park it. In the hot summers of California, water on your vehicle will evaporate fast and can lead to mold issues. Likewise, you’ll also want to minimize any water intrusions into your garage. Make sure your garage is well sealed with an effective garage door bottom seal. Repair your garage door to keep out any leaks.

Cardboard is the Devil of Rot

It’s surprising how many people pack extra clothes and childhood mementoes in cardboard boxes and expect them to survive. You might as well bury those memories in the backyard like so many stacks of Pablo Escobar’s millions and write it off to rot. Anything you want to keep should instead be packed into plastic tubs. At $10 a pop, it’s a small price to pay to for memory layaway.

Ventilation: Fresh Air for Your Garage

One of the best garage repairs you can make is to install proper ventilation. You could install actual vents in the garage door or side areas. Add a ceiling fan or exhaust fan. Not only will you fight humidity and mold, but you’ll also get fresher, more breathable air into your garage. It will be a much more inviting place to relax. If you ever considering installing a new garage door, consider the ventilation. It’s key.

Drainage is Key

Exterior drainage is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects when it comes to home repair. Make sure the ground around your home slopes away from your foundation, at least six inches for the first 10 linear feet. If it doesn’t, do something about it. Be the master of your domain. Add gutters. Dig a hole and seal the foundation. Grab yourself a shovel and a Home Depot credit card. The rest is on you.

Install a New Garage Door

If your garage door leaks, is cracking or has sealant problems, you might want to consider installing a new garage door. It’s the best way to keep moisture out and minimize the humidity in your garage. This will protect your stuff, and it will also make the garage a much more pleasant atmosphere to hang out in. Ping-pong, anyone?

Repairing a Garage Door that’s Unbalanced

An unbalanced garage door can be difficult to open and close. This can put strain on the motor of your opener, as well as your springs and pulleys. To see if your door is off balance, disconnect it from your opener and raise it manually about waist level. Let it hang and notice if it leans from one side to the other. If so, it is likely imbalanced. This can be a tricky garage door repair you might want to leave to a professional service. Usually, one or more springs will need to be adjusted. These springs are under incredible tension and can be very dangerous. You’ll need to move the spring within the track hanger. Make sure the spring is completely relieved of tension to avoid injury.