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Why Garage Door Replacement Is a Good Idea


Garage DoorAre you considering replacing a garage door but aren’t sure if it’s worth the investment? In general, most homeowners avoid replacing their garage. After all, as long as it works, why get a new one?

Well it turns out that there are a few legitimate reasons why it may be worth your time and money to buy a new garage door sooner rather than later.

Here’s 5 of them:

1) ROI

Did you know that a new garage door has an average return-of-investment of 87%? Yep, according to Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of Realtors, you can expect a significant return of what you paid if you sell your home.

2) Curb Appeal

In general, the newer and nicer looking your garage is, the more people are interested in your home. This is especially beneficial for homeowners who plan to sell within the next few years. Combined with ROI, a new garage door could help you sell your home and even make a little extra money back!

3) Energy Costs

Your garage is one of the largest openings in your home. In fact, it’s even been said that if a garage door is left open, it’s the equivalent of leaving every window open in your home! As you probably guessed, this is problematic if you live in areas that are hot or cold. And even if you leave the garage door closed, a poorly insulated door can and will negatively affect the temperature inside your home.

Because of this, some homeowners buy new doors just to lower their energy bill. These savings can often pay for the door over time!

4) Safety

A new overhead panel can actually be safer than an older one. Most newer doors are made with better material and technology which can significantly increase the safety.

5) Performance

Most people are used to their garage door opening in a jerky and noisy way. But many newer panels, especially when combined with a belt drive garage door opener, can open silently and smoothly.

Signs You Need Garage Door Service

How do you know if your garage door needs repairing? If it’s not opening smoothly or doesn’t open at all, something’s definitely wrong. If it refuses to open, it could be as simple as faulty wiring or misaligned sensors. In fact, it could just be a matter of dead batteries in your remote or a blown fuse in your garage. Noisy garages are another sign they need repair. You might be able to solve this problem with a little garage door oil on all the moving parts, or it could be you need a new track or new rollers. If your door is noticeably off its tracks, stop using the door immediately. You can seriously damage the tracks or the garage door. If a repair seems beyond your abilities, give us a call. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.