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Improve the Security of Your Home with These 5 DIY Garage Door Repairs


4 Reasons Why Garage Door Repair Can Be DangerousYour garage door is the biggest door to your home. If a thief wants to invite himself over to make a sandwich in the middle of the night, he’s not waltzing through the front door. Chances are, he’s coming in through your garage door. The tragic fact is that in most homes, people make it too easy. The garage door is one of the most overlooked security liabilities in the home. Be smart with these 5 DIY tips to secure your garage.

Never Leave Your Garage Door Opener in Your Car

If you ever park outside and leave your garage door opener in your car, you might as well leave the house key taped to the front door with a hand-drawn map to the cookie jar and your wife’s diamonds. All that stands between the thief and easy access to your garage and really your entire home is a good rock. Instead, always keep your opener on a keychain, in your purse, or a commonly used coat pocket.

Mount a Smart Camera on Your Garage Door

Install a smart camera that focuses on your garage door that feeds video into your phone. That way you can check to make sure that the kids remembered to close the garage door so your precious $1000 mountain bike isn’t hanging open in the breeze all day. You might also want to install a smart remote so you can close the door from your phone.

Frost or Cover Garage Door Windows

Whoever invented garage door windows probably likes to watch strangers sleep at night. Frost those windows, or cover them with curtains or matching wood paneling. It’s a simple garage door repair that will provide you privacy and security.

Replace an Old Door

If you have an old garage door that cannot be properly secured or has cracks or doesn’t connect to the ground, it’s time to get a new one. Consider installing a new garage door that doesn’t have any easy openings perfect for a crowbar. A new garage door will improve the value of your home in addition to the security. It’s a smart investment worth considering.

Fix Any Garage Door Maintenance Issues

Keep up on the maintenance of the mechanical parts of your garage door. Make sure all the parts are well oiled. Protect against corrosion. Make sure all the rollers and brackets are in good shape. Keeping a garage door in good repair improves the life and function of your garage door as well as the security.