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The 3 Most Common Garage Door Materials


If you are considering installing a new garage door, the first decision you need to make is what material to use. While there are numerous options that now include composite materials, there are 3 basic garage door materials used the most often: steel, aluminum and wood. Each garage door material has its pros and cons, both in the initial garage door cost, as well as cost of garage door repair or service down the line. This guide will walk you through how to find the right garage door material for your budget and maintenance needs.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel is by far the most common garage door material. The beauty of steel doors is they are affordable, highly durable, and very low maintenance. Finding a quality steel door for under $1,000 is totally doable. Because steel is durable and strong, it’s also highly secure, especially when used in a roll-up overhead door. You can also get it galvanized to protect against rust, which will dramatically increase the lifetime of your door. Steel doors are also low maintenance; aside from the occasional paint job and upkeep, there’s little regular maintenance required. Finally, steel garage doors can be filled with an interior insulation, keeping the temperature of your garage consistent. 

One downside to steel sectional garage doors is that steel is easily dented. And while denting is purely a cosmetic issue, there is potential, depending on the dent, to have to replace an entire panel, or that a tear in the steel may leave your garage door more susceptible to corrosion.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage doors are another popular option. Though some are fully metal, most are actually aluminum frame with fiberglass panels. The beauty of fiberglass is it allows in natural light so your garage feels more open and airy. Aluminum is also nice because it’s highly resistant to rust. It’s also lightweight, which is nice if you have an extra wide garage door. This way there’s less strain on your garage door opener system, which means the motor lives longer and the garage door’s parts wear slower, which means you save money on garage door repair costs.

Though dents used to be an issue with aluminum, modern aluminum doors are highly resistant to denting. Regardless, aluminum is a flexible enough metal that you can remove most dents in your aluminum garage door easily at home. However, while aluminum is resistant to corrosion and rust, it’s not immune, so it requires the occasional inspection.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are beautiful, timeless and classic. They are full of natural appeal. That’s why they are such a popular option in Sacramento, California. There is a timeless charm to wooden garage doors. They are also very customizable because of the wide ranges of timber available. And because wood is a renewable resource with a long life cycle, wood garage doors are very environmentally sustainable. Redwood in particular, is expensive, but it’s also an amazingly resilient hardwood; so the initial cost may be worth the lower maintenance and longer life of this species of wood.

The drawback is wood doors do tend to be more expensive. They also require more maintenance than steel or aluminum doors. Wood is a porous surface. These doors need to be sealed regularly from moisture to prevent rotting. Wood doors can also be susceptible to pests, and they do breathe a bit in humid climates like ours.

But as long as the wood is properly maintained, these doors can last a long time. Because wood is so popular, wooden doors can also improve the value of your home.

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How Much Does a New Garage Door Cost?

How much does it cost to install a new garage door? That obviously depends on a number of factors such as quality, installation, and garage door material, but the average cost of installation is about $1,000, though it can run anywhere from $700 to $1,500. A simple single door at its most basic level may cost only $200, though you can pay up to $4,000 for a quality double or triple door set. The good news is that it’s probably some of the best money you can spend on a home. A new garage door has one of the highest returns on investments for all home improvements, 99%, virtually dollar for dollar. And naturally the more expensive high quality door you can afford, the better worth you get for your investment. Consider it an investment in equity.