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7 Garage Door Repairs and Improvements to Increase Security and Safety


7 Safety Garage Door RepairsHow safe is your garage door? This question essentially comes down to two issues: physical safety and security. As a hundred pound object that goes up and down several times a day, practically a thousand times a year, it can pose a serious safety risk to children and pets, not to mention cars and expensive household items such as lawn mowers and bikes. Plus, as literally the biggest entrance to your home, it presents a serious liability to your home security from thieves.

Fortunately, there are a number of security and safety features you could add to your garage door to improve both its safety and security. Most of these are simple garage door repairs and improvements you can do yourself, or you could call a professional who specializes in garage door service.

Security Door Lock

If your door doesn’t already have a security door lock installed, you should install it immediately. Once your door closes, this will lock your door securely so it cannot be pried open with a crowbar. Apart from your remote, access to your garage door becomes impossible.

Garage Door Monitor

Ever leave for work early in the morning clutching that coffee for dear life? Do you have kids, even teenagers, who tend to forget to put the milk away, to say nothing about making sure the garage door is closed when they go to school? Everybody forgets from time to time, but thieves will be paying attention. By installing a garage door monitor, you can check your garage door remotely, either from your office computer, phone or other mobile devices.

Smart Garage Door Opener

If your monitor does show the garage door’s open, do you need to leave work right away and close it? Nonsense! With a smart garage door opener, you can control your garage directly from your phone.

Wireless Keyless Entry

With wireless keyless entry, family members can open the garage door using a punch pad. Fingerprint IDs provide faster and even more secure access. You can also establish temporary passwords for guests or delivery personnel to access the garage from time to time. This is a feature most garage door service companies will be able to install.

Photographic Eyes

These are pretty common on most garage doors that have automatic openers. If you are installing an opener for the first time, they are essential. Basically, the photographic eyes send an invisible laser beam between each other. If anything blocks the beam, such as a running child or pet, the end of your car, that $800 mountain bike or your brand new lawn mower, the door will stop in its tracks. It’s a very important safety feature when it comes to the new garage door or opener installation.

Remote with Access to Home Lights

Nobody likes walking into a dark house. It’s a serious safety issue, not to mention downright unnerving. You could trip over your kid’s skateboard, or not see the intruder hiding in the dark. Get a garage door opener that also lets you remotely turn on the lights in your home. It’s more welcoming as well as safer.

Intercom and Camera System

Another good idea is to establish an intercom and camera system on the outside of your garage door. This way, you can see who is outside your garage door and decide if you want to provide access. You can even connect the intercom system to your phone so you can handle everything remotely. This is especially convenient for package delivery. It’s even pretty handy when the pizza guy shows up.

Garage Door Off Track? Why You’re Better Off Calling Uber

When your garage door comes off its tracks, it’s a huge inconvenience. There’s probably a little voice inside your head saying just try to force it open anyway. After all, you have to get to work, right? Ignore that voice. Stop operating it immediately. Call a professional that does emergency garage repair and then call an Uber. Even at peak rush hour time, that Uber ride will be peanuts compared to the several hundreds of dollars you might have to shell out to completely install a new track. In most cases, realigning your door to the track is a fairly simple procedure. But if you continue to use it and damage either the door or the track then it gets expensive.