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Old Garage Door Keypads Pose a Security Risk


how to install a garage door keypadA garage door keypad can be a great way to conveniently open your door from the outside. And while they’re supposed to be secure, this isn’t always the case. Particularly with older models.

Older keypads may have universal open codes that can be found online. Thieves can inspect your keypad and come back later with a manufacturer reset code that’ll let them in.

Old keypads can also easily be hacked by external devices, making it simple for thieves to gain access to your garage. This is also true with wireless garage door remotes. When garage remotes were first invented, they could open anyone’s garage. It wasn’t uncommon to accidentally open your neighbor’s garage while closing your own!

If your keypad or wireless garage door opener system is older than 2011, it may be time to replace it.  Newer technologies have since been developed that make it much more difficult for thieves to hack openers.

We also recommend homeowners keep their interior garage door locked as an added precaution.

Is It Safe to Replace a Broken Garage Door Spring on Your Own?

The springs on your garage door come in two varieties: extension and torsion. While torsion is safer to handle than extension, it is recommended that only a professional handle these garage door parts. This is particularly true with garage door extension springs. Because they are under heavy tension, they are dangerous to handle for the uninitiated. Extension springs have been known to severely injure people and damage property when mishandled. By hiring a technician, you can ensure the job is done right and safely, without putting yourself at risk.