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Checklist Before Calling a Garage Door Repair Company


4 Reasons Why Garage Door Repair Can Be DangerousMany garage door repairs can be fixed with some simple DIY maintenance. Others, however, require the expertise and tools of a professional. You’ll not only save yourself a frustrating headache, but avoid risking serious bodily injury or even death.

Before you call a garage door repair company, there are a few obvious things you should check. Are there any obstructions such as garden tools, pieces of lumber that might be blocking the track? Also check that the garage door opener is receiving power at both ends. Replace the batteries in the handheld unit, and make sure the main unit has electricity.

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Garage door won’t open? Don’t worry, it happens! First, make sure to rule out any obvious issues before calling a technician. Here’s a few to look out for: dead garage door remote batteries, power outage, and objects blocking the sensor. To ensure none of these are a problem, first try using an alternative opener and make sure there’s nothing blocking your sensor. Make sure to check for a power outage or electricity issue as well. Sometimes the issue could just be due to a faulty socket. If you’re still having troubles, you might need a technician. Here at Sac’s Garage Door Repair, we offer residential and commercial repairs services for garage owners in the Greater Sacramento area – give us a call 24/7!