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Custom High-Lift Clopay Garage Door Installation: The Advantages of High-Lift Overhead Doors


We enjoy installing all kinds of garage doors, but who doesn’t love a high-end, modern garage door install that’s outside the norm? This garage needed a garage door upgrade; previously, it had a standard commercial roll-up overhead garage door. Which – don’t get us wrong – are great; but not exactly stylish. But this new high-lift overhead door isn’t just an appearance upgrade:

  • The garage door opener we installed with it is heavy-duty and side-mounted, which means this door is really quiet, especially for its size.
  • The door tracks follow the pitch of the ceiling, which increases overhead clearance for equipment and big vehicles.
  • This overhead garage door is able to lift up past the header, which resulted in a more spacious entrance opening for that massive RV you see in the video.

All in all, an awesome update to what was previously a standard rollup door. Now it’s less “cold warehouse,” and more “sports car sleeper.”

Garage Door Costs Will Vary by Material, Size, Features & Design

When facing a new garage door install, the most obvious question is: What’s this going to cost me? Maybe you have a budget in mind, or maybe you simply don’t want to overspend and hurt your returns; though that is hard to do with a garage door replacement – their ROI is nearly 1:1. Anyway, the cost of a new garage door installation can vary greatly; we’re talking anywhere from $400-500 to $10,000. Classic sectional vinyl overhead doors are that lower end; they affordable, widely-available, and easy. Those $10,000 doors are likely some crazy, 4-car-garage, sliding wooden carriage doors. It all depends on what you need, which is why you should consult with a pro before you make any decisions.