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DIY 101: Converting Your Garage into a Laundry Area


DIY 101 Converting Your Garage into a Laundry AreaFor most families, space is as precious and scarce of a resource as spare time itself. Whatever amount you have needs to be used efficiently as possible. Have you ever thought about putting the washer and dryer in the garage and turning it into a laundry room? It’s not for everybody, and it really depends on the condition of your garage. That being said, just about any garage can be cleaned and renovated to provide a comfortable laundry room. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Check out this handy step-by-step guide to turning your garage into a laundry room.

Cleaning and Renovating the Garage

If the condition of your garage is an issue, tackle the dirt first. Clean up any unnecessary mess. Install overhead storage or storage cabinets to conveniently organize your stuff. Consider installing some linoleum flooring (at least where you plan to have a laundry space). You might consider installing a new insulated garage door if your garage is pretty drafty.

Strategize Plumbing, Electricity, Vents

Naturally, you’ll need to install the washer at a place that has convenient plumbing since adding the necessary pipes and drains can significantly increase your expense. You’ll need hot and cold water and drainage. It’s also handy to have a floor drain as well because accidents happen.

You’ll also want to make sure you have the proper electrical connections. This is a technical job that poses a fire risk if not done properly so you might want to consult a professional electrician.

You should also figure out where to put in the vent for the dryer.

You might consider installing some raised platforms to position the washer and dryer as well. This can protect the units if you should have any flooding issues.

Comfortable Flooring is Key

The one catch with converting your garage into a laundry room is the concrete floor. It’s cold — especially when you walk across it in your barefeet in the winter. And garage door floors tend to be dirty with oil stains. That’s not conducive for a clean place to do your laundry.l

Fortunately, there are plenty of garage flooring options that are affordable and easy to install. Interlocking tiles don’t even require any tools — simply interlock the tiles down on the area you want covered and you’re done. Peel and stick tiles are easy to install too — and many feature anti-slip patterns, which can be key for laundry runs. Just be sure the floor is absolutely clean when you apply the tiles. Concrete sealer is a very affordable option that will at least cover up the stains and protect the floor itself.

Consider Redoing the Floor

Let’s face it — when you’re doing laundry, you’re going out there in your socks, bare feet. Whose got time to put shoes on? That’s why we highly recommend redoing the floor for any laundry area conversion. Even if you’ve already installed an insulated garage door, the cold concrete can be uncomfortable in your bare feet.

There are numerous affordable options to make your garage floor comfy and attractive. You could try interlocking floor mats that are easy to lay down and affordable to buy. Carpeting is also another option. Even a simple rug does wonders. You might also consider vinyl flooring — not as cold as concrete but won’t get ruined if your washer suddenly leaks. Even rubber mats can do wonders at protecting your feet against the cold concrete. This is a comfort consideration that doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Don’t Forget Clothes Storage, Drying Racks

You’ll also want to put in storage areas for clothes. Laundry tends to pile up, so putting in some handy storage for the dirty and clean piles really adds to the convenience. Create space to hang shirts and dresses. A drying rack is always handy for the clothes you don’t want to put in the dryer.

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