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How to Fix a Loud Garage Door


Is It Normal for a Garage to Be NoisyIf you wake up the whole neighborhood in the morning when you open your garage door, then it’s probably time for a little tune-up.

One of the most common culprits of noise is your garage door springs found at the top of your door. Springs need to be lubricated a few times a year. Please be careful – they’re under heavy tension. Never place any body parts near or in the springs. To lubricate them, lightly spray with a white lithium grease or silicone lubricant.

You should also check all the nuts and bolts on the door. They can come loose after a while, so tighten them up with a wrench.  Hinges should also be checked and tightened accordingly. Lightly lubricate the hinges and replace any that look worn.

Doors that make a squeaking sound may have faulty rollers. These are the wheels that guide your panel down the track. It’s normal for them to wear over time. If they look a bit rough, consider replacing them.

You can run the garage door opener a few times after lubricating to help the grease coat all the garage door parts.

Inspected All Your Garage Door Parts but Still Have Noise?

If you still hear the noise, it could be coming from the opener instead. Try to step back and pinpoint the source of the noise. If the noise sounds like its coming from your opener and not garage door, there could be a faulty drive or it may need lubrication. Because the maintenance procedure for an opener varies based on the model, you should consult your manufacturer’s instructions for guidance.

Is It Time for New Garage Door Installation?

While tune ups and oil can help quiet noisy garage doors, that kind of preventative maintenance will only get you so far if your garage door is old and broken down. It may be time to consider installing a brand new garage door.

Is the track bent or the panels warped? Is the garage door rusty and clunky? Are there panels missing on your garage door? Is it covered in rust? A new garage door may be just the ticket!

The good news is a brand new door can substantially boost your property values. In fact, studies show that new garage door installation has one of the highest returns on investment for all home improvements — 97%, virtually dollar for dollar, like money in the bank. The resale value of your home is based on curb appeal. By swapping out an older garage door with a brand new one, you boost its appearance and resale value.

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