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Fun Facts About Your Garage Door


For most families, a garage serves a two-part purpose: it’s a place you can store belongings or a vehicle and it’s an easy way to enter your home. We know those aren’t the only uses of a garage door. Some people have turned theirs into a home repair shop or office. And some have even completely renovated their garage into something else.

No matter where you land on this spectrum of garage owners, there’s one thing in common – we tend to take our garage for granted. We’re all guilty of it. After all, it’s always been there and we use it everywhere. It’s easy to not think much of it at all.

What if your garage door suddenly disappeared? Could you imagine how inconvenient that would be? What a nightmare!

Out of appreciation for our garages, we at Sac’s Garage Door Repair put together a list of 3 interesting facts about garages.

3 Garage Facts by Sac’s

1) A Garage Door Can Rip-Off Your Roof

Okay – this first fact probably couldn’t be considered fun, but we just had to include it. Did you know if your garage door gets blown off in the event of a storm or hurricane, it could rip off the entire roof of your home? This is caused by sudden pressure changes in the large opening of your garage. The takeaway? If you live in an area prone to heavy winds, fortify your garage door.

2) Increased Home Value

A new garage door can significantly increase your home’s curb appeal and value. In fact, a report by Remodeling Impact found an ROI of 87% when it came to new doors.

3) It’s the Largest Opening of Your Home

This may be obvious to some, but your garage door serves as the single largest entry to your home. Why does this matter? A poorly insulated garage door can result in the same temperature impact as leaving most of your home’s windows open!

Have You Shown Your Garage Door Appreciation Today?

It may sound a little silly, but showing your garage door a little love occasionally can help ensure it continues to run smoothly for years to come. And by love, we mean keeping it properly maintained, inspected, and lubricated a few times a year. If you’re too busy to stay on top of it, consider hiring a garage door company instead. Tune-ups are incredibly affordable and super beneficial for your door in the long run!

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Mess with a Broken Garage Door Spring

Is your garage door spring broken? If so, you might want to read this before trying to repair it on your own. Most springs are under heavy tension and mishandling could lead to a serious injury. In fact, there are many individuals who’ve lost a limb simply because they tried to repair the spring on their own. Don’t take that kind of risk. Instead, consider calling a professional. The cost for a garage door spring repair isn’t much, so there’s no reason not to rely on a professional for the job.