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Garage Flooring: Which Coatings or Coverings Will Work For You?


New Flooring is an Effective Garage Makeover

Revitalizing your garage floor can make a big impact. It might be the most important visual indicator that your garage space has been converted to a living or working space, as opposed to a space used for the conventional purpose of housing cars or providing a place to work on them. Even if your garage is merely used for containing your cars, bikes and tools, there’s no reason you can’t maintain a clean, consistent flooring option, which will give you a good feeling whenever returning home.

Coatings vs. Coverings

The way you use your garage will dictate which material you use for flooring, obviously, and your options are broken down into two categories: coatings and coverings. “Coatings” describe finishes (such as epoxy or paint) that are applied thinly with a roller or brush, directly to the concrete slab. Because these adhere directly to the surface in a thin layer, these coatings modify the appearance, but don’t do much to improve the surface of the concrete if it’s cracked and uneven. “Coverings” include materials that are set on top of the concrete slab and can be removed or moved easily. There are special floor tiles and mats made specifically for use in garages as they’re tough enough to withstand spills, and, of course, a parked car.


Paint is an affordable option for giving your floor a quick facelift. It might not completely cover oil stains, but if you choose a dark color they’ll be hard to notice. There are latex and oil based options designed specifically for covering concrete floors. Be sure to seal cracks with concrete filler and use a primer before laying down the first coat. Between matte latex options and high-gloss oil options, there’s a floor paint for every purpose at a variety of price points. Be sure to buy extra, because the obvious downside of using paint is the need to touch up the job every few years.


Epoxy might seem similar to paint, but the application process is more labor intensive. The result has the advantage of being much more durable and long-lasting than regular paint. Epoxy hardens after a chemical reaction between resin and a hardening agent (catalyst), whereas paint hardens as its liquid element (water or oil-based) evaporates. Even though epoxy is more durable than paint, you’ll still need to patch up cracks and clean your concrete slab thoroughly before applying. Once the final coat is set you’ll have a surface that resists oil stains and easily wipes clean.

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles will hide cracks, stains, and even out your concrete slab’s surface to a certain extent. There are several types made specifically for this purpose, although it is a pricier option than paint. Rugged materials to look for include: PVC or polypropylene plastic, rubber and wood composite. Rubber tiles are a good choice if you spend lots of time in your garage. They are comfortable and resilient underfoot. All options are easy to install with tongue and groove or interlocking connections.

Roll-Out Mats

One of the most practical options for garage floors, roll-out mats are available in many materials, and several companies have developed specialized garage-centric options in recent years. Easy to install, you just roll it out and cut the excess with a utility knife. Mats come in various thicknesses, but most provide anti-slip protection, sound and cold insulation, and like floor tiles, they soften the consequences (sore muscles and creaky joints) of standing or working on concrete for extended periods of time.

If You Have a Broken Garage Door Spring, You Need Professional Help

We don’t care what kind of spring it is – stop using your garage door right now and don’t touch anything. Garage door springs are under a ton of pressure; they’re actually the ones doing the heavy lifting when it comes to opening and closing the door. If your garage door spring is broken, the entire infrastructure of your garage door is compromised. If you try to open it, it could come crashing down. And if you try to DIY a spring replacement? One mistake and you could be badly injured. This garage door repair is best left to the pros. Give us a call for an emergency garage door repair like this one; we’re available 24/7.