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No-Construction Ways to Upgrade Your Garage Door’s Windows


There are a bunch of ways to give your garage door a facelift, and changing the look of its windows is one of them. If you’re tired of that boring row of windows across the top garage door panel, or hate that anybody can see right through them, we’ve got several simple DIY ideas that will make your neighbors think you switched out your garage door windows completely.

This article is definitely for the crafty one in the family.

Window Film

Just like you stick a screen protector film over your smartphone, you can do the same thing to your garage door’s windows with window film. You can choose anything from a simple frosted look to an intricate faux stained glass look.

Gallery Glass Paint

Speaking of stained glass windows, you can buy a paint called Gallery Glass, and for just a few bucks, give your garage door windows a treatment that makes them appear like real stained glass windows.

Spray Paint

Do you want a simple frosted look that still lets light in and is even easier than the window film method? Believe it or not; there’s a spray paint for that. Rustoleum makes outdoor spray paint that makes glass look frosted.

Actual Window Treatments

Buy some retractable shades for your garage door’s windows. This is definitely the most expensive of your DIY choices, but it also offers the most versatility. These are all great options for homeowners looking to make over their garage door without dealing with a whole new installation. While you’re at it, give your garage a nice paint job, or strip and refinish it; your home’s curb appeal alone will be worth the work.