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Pros & Cons of Carports vs Garages


Your car is vital to your ability to go about your daily life. You likely spent a decent amount of money on it (or still are), and it’s starting to bother you how much abuse it sees just sat in your driveway or on the street. Pollen, smashed berries, bird… stuff, tree branches, hail – if your car isn’t covered, it’s going to age more than it needs to. Not to mention that it’s no fun to unload groceries in the pouring rain or when it’s 10 degrees outside. 

But do you build a carport to remedy this issue? Or a garage? Or maybe you already have a carport and are wondering if you should convert it into a garage? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages to each; maybe it’ll help you decide which way to go!

Carports: The Good & the Bad

A carport is essentially a hard-top canopy to protect your car from the elements. It has no walls and usually sits at the end of a driveway, not on its own concrete foundation.


  • Easy, quick installation
  • Affordable
  • Protects your car from the elements
  • Can choose one with an attached shed for storage
  • Come in a variety of designs and colors
  • Long-lasting
  • No zoning limitations
  • Easy entry and exit


  • Still have to go outside to get to your car
  • Less privacy than a garage
  • Doesn’t add value to the home
  • People tend to like the look less than garages

Is a Garage a Better Choice?

A garage is a permanent installation; a house for your car… and anything else you want to shove in there.


  • Security for your car and belongings
  • Temperature control
  • Protects from elements as well as temperature fluctuations
  • Adds significant value to home
  • People tend to like the aesthetic more than carports
  • Ample storage for outdoor and seasonal equipment/belongings
  • Can be converted to living space if desired
  • No more going outside to get your car (if garage is attached)


  • 4-5x as expensive as a carport
  • Subject to zoning, permits and building codes
  • Takes a longer time to build
  • Has to match the existing home

As far as average cost goes, a carport will run you around $7000-8000, depending on whether you need to pour a new concrete pad. A garage and garage door will cost you around $30000-35000, depending on size, features and design choices. However, this isn’t just about expenses and time, especially when you consider a garage is a nearly 1:1 return on investment with regard to home value. But that’s not to say a carport isn’t significantly better than no car shelter at all. Considering all these factors, hopefully it’s now easier to decide which is right for your home. Or if you still need some advice, consult professional contractors.

Damaged or Broken Garage Door Springs are Never a DIY Repair

Some garage door maintenance and repair tasks are easy, and more importantly, safe, to do yourself. But if the springs on your garage door are messed up, replacing it is not one of those easy, safe tasks. If you notice deformation, corrosion or full-on breaks in your garage door’s torsion or extension springs, stop using the door immediately. Don’t try to touch or manipulate the springs; just call in professionals for garage door service. Garage door springs are under an incredible amount of tension and torque; you can be severely injured if something goes wrong.