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Smart Garage Door Openers: How Technology Safeguards Your Home & Family


Life’s a blur. So many mornings, we’re racing out the door, clinging to car keys and coffee for dear life. Add to that the grog of sleeplessness, and it’s understandable if you forget to close your garage door on your way out the driveway.

Understandable — but still a problem. That’s an open invitation for thieves.

Smart Technology is a Beautiful Thing

Installing a smart garage door opener is the solution. With a WiFi connected garage door, you have virtual control of your garage door remotely from anywhere, accessible via your smartphone.

In fact, you’ll even get a notifcation if you left the door open in the first place. So the next time your kids forget to close your garage door, no problem. Technology to the rescue!

Safer Porches: An End to Package Theft

Speaking of thieves, they hate smart garage doors. That’s because this technology stops package theft in its tracks. Porch stealer, you’re out of a job.

Anytime you order something online, include instructions to call your cell phone. Then you can remotely open your garage door so your delivery person can put the package safely inside your garage. Like we said, technology is a beautiful thing.

Improved Access for Kids & Visiting Relatives

Have relatives coming in from out of town who might arrive before you get home? Have them call you, and you can remotely open your door and give them access to your home. Kids coming home from school can easily be let in. All the control is in your pocket, from anywhere.

Be Alerted to Any Suspicious Activity

If anything suspicious happens around your garage door, you get a notification. Then you can virtually view your property via security cameras and know when to call the police. You have virtual control of your property from anywhere, even on a tropical beach in the Carribean.

Garage Door Opener Repair 101: Replacing the Motor

Need to replace the motor in your garage door opener? It’s a fairly easy repair if you have the right tools and a little mechanical know-how. The assembly unit consists of the motor assembly and the motor gear. The motor assembly includes a grey cylinder, mounted inside the unit’s frame. The gear is a white toothed wheel mounted on a long metallic piece known as the sprocket shaft. Usually, you only have to replace one or the other. When you purchase a replacement kit (available at most hardware stores), make sure it’s the right horsepower for your door. Your average 2 car garage door works on 2 hp. Before you replace the motor, make sure the door is closed, the opener is disconnected and unplugged. Always remember, safety first.