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Spring Is Here. Time For A Routine Garage Check-Up


Springtime for Garage DoorWith all the spring cleaning chores to do on your list, it’s easy to ignore your garage door. However, by paying a little attention to it, you can help avoid costly repairs down the road.

Start by inspecting your door for any visible signs of damage. Make note of any rust you see, split cables, and missing or loose nuts and bolts. If you find any rust, scrub it off with a rust removal solution. Operate the door and listen for any unusual noises.

Add a light coat of lubricant to any mechanical moving parts of the door, including your springs and rollers. If you notice any issues you’re not familiar with, feel free to talk with your local garage repair company for assistance.

Estimating Garage Door Repair Cost for Your Home in 2016

Keeping your garage door properly maintained is an important responsibility for all homeowners. A door that is taken care of has a reduced chance of breaking down when you need it the most.  Plus, it’s much safer. The cost to fix a garage door varies depending on the type of parts and panel you own. For the most part, repairs are very affordable, with most service calls costing between $100 to $300. Because most garage door parts are not expensive and the time it takes to repair doors is short, service calls tend to not cost much. Emergency overnight calls and brand new garage door replacement are generally the most expensive. Your technician should always be able to provide you an accurate quote upfront.