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Repair or Replace that Old Garage Door Spring?


Remove Rust From SpringsIf you’re in the Sacramento area and you are dealing with a garage door spring issue, Sacs Garage Door Repair is here to help you resolve the problem. Garage door springs can often be repaired or replaced, and our team of professionals can help you determine if your spring issue can be easily fixed. Wondering how to tell if your spring is in need of attention? Signs and symptoms of a garage door spring issue include:

  • Garage can no longer open
  • Garage door is very heavy to lift
  • There is a visible break in the spring

When to Call for Help

When breakage occurs, you may hear a loud bang or crash coming from the garage door upon use. Despite how disconcerting this can be, this kind of breakage is actually fairly common and can be caused simply by the age of the garage door or as the result of extreme weather.

Do not attempt to repair your garage door on your own. Garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds and cause grave injury to someone who is not familiar with this type of repair work. Give us a call at Sacs Garage Door Repair and we will have someone come out right away to assess the situation and facilitate a repair plan. We can often come out the same day of your call, so get in touch today!

Estimating the Garage Door Repair Cost for Your Home

Has your garage broken but you’re hesitant to spend money on repairs? Fortunately, garage door maintenance is usually relatively affordable, with most repairs only costing a few hundred dollars. Broken springs and panel replacements are typically the most expensive types of repair. As always, the kind of parts also affects the cost. High-quality torsion springs will cost more than the simpler extension style springs. There may also be an additional fee if emergency service outside of business hours is needed. Go ahead give us a call at 916-442-7243 for a free no-pressure estimate on the cost of fixing your door.