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Got Questions About Garage Door Openers? We’ve Got Answers

Got Questions About Garage Door Openers We’ve Got Answers

Most people don’t know much about their garage door openers, but if you own a garage — chances are you own an opener too. And since openers need replaced a lot more often than garage doors, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in the market for a new one eventually. Chances are you’ll have questions — as well you should. There are many factors to consider in choosing the right opener. We’re here to help. Here are answers to the most common garage door questions.

What Types of Openers are Available?

Garage doors that run with a trolley generally come in 2 options — chain drive and belt drive. Chain drive doors run on a continuous chain or combination of cable and chain. It looks a lot like a bike chain but does not operate in a circular pattern. Chain driven doors that are made entirely of chain instead of a cable/chain combination are of higher quality.

Belt driven doors use a rubber belt that’s reinforced with metal. The beauty of a belt driven door is it’s much more quieter. It’s ideal if you have a door near a living space such as a living room or bedroom.

Can I Install the Door Myself?

If you buy an opener that has a pretty basic installation and are somewhat handy with tools, you can probably figure it out. The main thing is securing the opener properly that the automatic safety reversal system and other components are working correctly. If you’re not sure or would just like the convenience of a professional, we’d be glad to help.

What does MyQ Tech Do?

MyQ works over your WiFi network to make smart technology available for the door. This way, you can have control for the door from anywhere you have your phone — even if you’re at work or on vacation. You can use the app on your laptop, phone or tablet.

Is backup power available?

Not only is battery backup available — it’s legally mandated on new garage door openers in Sacramento and throughout California. The legislation passed last year and was sponsored by a California congressman whose neighbors had trouble getting out of their garages due to power outages during an area wildfire.

But even if you already have an existing garage door opener that is grandfathered in and not required to have battery backup, it’s still a good idea. First, it is a safety issue. Power outages usually happen during extreme weather events when having access to your garage door can be life and death. Second, it’s a matter of convenience. A simple thunderstorm can shut down the power and cut off access to your garage door. But with battery backup, it’s no big deal. You’re not inconvenienced and can still access your garage door, business as usual.

The good news is you can buy a battery backup kit and add it to an existing garage door opener. You don’t need to install a brand new garage door or even a new garage door opener. You can purchase the kits for a couple hundred dollars. We’d be happy to install it for you!

Can I prevent someone from opening my door when I’m on vacation?

Many openers have a switch that prevents the door from being opened by remote. You can still access it form the wall panel if need be. Another approach is an old school method — simply unplug the door while you are out of town.

How much does a garage door opener cost?

Price can vary according to the make and model you buy, as well as if it has smart technology. A ½ hp opener of fairly decent quality can run anywhere from $300 to $400, if you do the installation yourself. Installation with a new opener usually costs about $100.

Why You Should Hire a Pro for Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken garage door spring? Always call a professional to repair it. These springs are under an incredible amount of tension. They are what make lifting a several hundred pound garage door seem so easy. If they should suddenly snap, they can cause serious injury or even death. It’s just not worth the trip to the emergency room. A garage door professional has the tools and expertise to do the job safely and reliable. Fortunately, Sac’s Garage Door Repair offers 24/7 emergency garage door service to the Sacramento area, including springs. Call us if you need repair, or even if you notice rust, brittleness, or slack in your springs. This is definitely a job best left to a professional.