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Types and Materials of Garage Doors to Consider for Installation


Garage Door RepairSo you’ve decided it’s time for a new garage door. Congratulations. Garage door replacement can be one of the best ways to improve the resale value of your home. It can also improve  the aesthetics, security and insulation – which benefits to not only the garage but the entire home itself. Don’t be surprised if your heating and cooling bills are lower this year because you made the move to take care of that drafty old garage door.

Since a new garage door is an investment, it’s one that should be done carefully. There are a number of designs and materials to consider. Some are more affordable than others. Some require more regular maintenance, and some have a more aesthetic appeal. Choosing the right door depends upon your own needs.

Steel garage doors are very durable and do not require much regular maintenance or touchup. Vinyl garage doors last longer, are not prone to rust and don’t need to be repainted. They are ideal for areas that experience harsh weather conditions.

Aluminum doors are inexpensive and maintenance free, but are not very insulated and not the most ideal for places that experience an actual winter. But they are ideal for the weather of Sacramento.

Wood doors have a beautiful, rustic appeal but require a good deal of annual varnishing to maintain their beauty. Painted wood doors also need to be repainted every few years.

The other thing to consider in a garage door is insulation. If your garage door is connected to the house, you’ll likely want to get an insulated door, especially if you have an office, gym or living quarters within the garage. Even if you do not use your garage for living space, you may want to consider an insulated garage as it can dramatically affect the cost of your heating and cooling bills for the rest of the house.

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Have You Lubricated Your Garage Door Parts Recently?

Keeping the various assortment of parts on your garage door well-maintained may sound like a daunting task but a little effort goes a long way in ensuring your door runs smoothly. Stick with white lithium grease or silicone, the preferred choices in garage lubrication. Springs, hinges, nuts and bolts and rollers can all be lubed, but stay away from the rails or you risk a door off track. Garage maintenance can be a troublesome burden and that’s why Sac’s offers frequent tune-ups and inspections for your garage door. Talk with us today and find out more about our maintenance plans that’ll keep your door performing like brand new.