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What Are You Looking for in a New Garage Door?


What Are You Looking for in a New Garage DoorWe’re not psychics. We’re a garage door maintenance company. We can’t tell your fortune, interpret your aura, or read your palm like a Rand McNally map. And still we can say with reasonable confidence that installing a new garage door carries one of the best returns on investment when it comes to home improvements.

But we can’t tell what you’re thinking or what kind of garage door you want.

Here’s what we need to know from you. Anytime we begin a job to install a garage door, we always sit down and talk with the customer first. This is where you need to tell us your dreams and ambitions for the door, considerations, concerns, and budget. We can find solutions to accommodate nearly all your needs, but we first need a few parameters.


Let’s start with budget. As a garage door service company that has served the greater Sacramento area for many years, we know how to make the most of every dollar in a budget, no matter its size. But still we have to know what we’re working with.

What’s the Size of Your Door?

Most home garages are pretty standard, though commercial storefront garage doors come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important to note the size of the door you need, as well as the ceiling height of your garage. This way we can determine if an overhead opener is appropriate, or if you may need to install a side-wall opener. You might also consider carriage type doors or sliding doors if space is an issue.

Why are You Getting a New Garage Door?

Did you decide to install a new door because of the curb appeal factor and what a great looking door can do for the resale value of your home? Perhaps you were looking for a nicer looking material like wood or composite wood to replace the standard steel one you currently own. The old door may simply need replacing because of its condition.

What’s the Style of Your Home?

To increase the curb appeal, you need a door that isn’t just any other door. It needs to not only match the rest of your home but actually complement and further bring out the style of your home.

What Features are Must Have?

Are you looking for an insulated door? How insulated? Do you want a smart garage door with an opener you can control remotely from your phone? Does it need to be durable enough to withstand hurricanes and other extreme weather?

What Else is On Your Garage Door Wish List?

Do you want windows on your garage door? Do you have a lot of overhead storage where perhaps a vertically mounted opener would work better? Does it need to have automatic locks? Do you need a door that can accommodate a smaller entrance?

Garage Door Dent Repair Made Easy

Have kids? Then you probably have a dented garage door. Fortunately, repairing it is pretty easy. All it takes is some aluminum foil, a can of CO2, and a lighter — plus science! First, clean off the dented area. Then apply a patch of aluminum foil over the dent. Run the lit lighter across the foil. Spray the foil with the can of CO2, holding it upright. The dent should pop right back out! The sudden change of temperature is the secret. It’s an amazing science trick that’s great for garage door dents.