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Why You Should Cover Your Garage Door in Aluminum


Why-You-Should-Cover-Your-Garage-Door-in-AluminumWant to make life easier, have a more beautiful garage door and be better protected against the elements? Consider covering your garage door in an aluminum exterior. It’s an affordable way to simplify the upkeep of your door, make it last longer, keep it looking beautiful and increase your property values. Here what to consider when covering your garage door in aluminum.

Live the Easy Life

Wooden doors break down overtime. They need painted and sanded every few years. This can be expensive as well as labor intensive. Steel doors can rust. The beauty of aluminum is it doesn’t rust and provides a sturdy protective coating to your garage door that doesn’t require any work. It’s highly resistant to weather, which can be a big plus considering how harsh Sacramento winter storms can be. All an aluminum door requires is a spray down with the hose from time to time.

If you’ve got a wooden frame, an aluminum protective layer will make it last much longer. You could easily get an extra decade or more of use for your door. It’s a highly cost effective investment.

Here’s a hint: Cover the joint between the frame weatherstripping and the exterior finish with a weather sealant. This will help the door stay flexible, no matter the weather. It also provides a much smoother seal to the door’s components.

Your Home Will Look Beautiful

Your garage door is the most noticeable visual center piece to your home. It’s what people pay attention to the most and sets the tone of your home. An aluminum exterior doesn’t require much effort to maintain and it looks great. This upgrade can be a big improvement not only to your door but your home itself.

Big Boost to Property Values

Curb appeal plays a deciding factor in estimating the resale value of your home. You’ve probably read on our blog about what a great return you can get out of installing a new garage door because of the boost in property value. An aluminum exterior has the same effect but for less investment. You get the look and appeal of a new door for a fraction of the expense.

Is This a DIY Garage Door Project?

The aluminum you want to use for this is sold in roll. It’s the same kind used by companies to build parts for building exteriors and is an easily available commodity. Technically, you could do the job yourself — sort of. Half of the advantage to installing an aluminum exterior is it makes your door look nicer. A shoddy, home-made job doesn’t have the same effect. The bottom line is if you’re not a garage door professional yourself, you should probably just hire a pro for best results.

Garage Door Dent Repair Made Easy

Aluminum doors are great when it comes to price and convenience, but they tend to dent (especially older doors). Fortunately, repairing a dent in a garage door is a fairly easy DIY job. Fill a bucket with soapy dish water. Wash the dented area. Allow it to dry. Cover the dented area with aluminum foil — the more, the better. Allow for excess foil to completely cover the area. Light a lighter and run it back and forth across the foil for a minute. Remove the foil. Hold a can of compressed air upside down and spray the dent. (Holding the can upside down allows for carbon monoxide to be released — the magic ingredient). The extreme differences in temperature will cause the aluminum to pop back out. Run a hose over the repaired area to remove any excess carbon monoxide.