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4 Qualities of Superior Commercial Garage Doors


Installing a new garage door is a great investment — in fact it’s one of the best improvements you can make in your home in terms of ROI — 98%, nearly dollar for dollar. But not all garage doors are the same — they can vary greatly in terms of price and quality. Naturally, the higher quality of door you can afford to install on your home, the more your property will accrue in value as a result of the door. Here are 4 qualities your garage door should include to be of the highest quality and provide the best return on investment.

Wooden Doors are Beautiful — but Don’t Be Cheap!

Wooden doors are attractive because of their natural beauty. And they do tend to cost a little more. Be careful however at being too cheap. To purchase a quality new wooden door, you’ll want to spend some money, Cheap doors will crack and warp. More expensive doors made from cedar or redwood can stand up to the elements and look great for years.

Insulation with a High R-Value

A higher quality door will have great insulation — but the amount of insulation can be relative. That’s why R-value is so important. R-value measures the amount of insulation in your door. We’d recommend an R-Value of 10 to 13 — even in Sacramento, California. The insulation will also help keep your garage cooler during those hot summers — which saves on AC costs!

High Quality Sturdy Springs

Every spring has a lifecycle — the number of times a door can go up and down before it needs replaced. And since most families use their garage doors at least 3 times a day on average, those cycles can add up fast. That’s why we recommend going with higher quality springs that have a life cycle of at least 20,000 — assuming you’ll be living in the home for 10 years or more. A higher quality spring actually costs less over time.

Heavy Duty Opener

The quality of your garage door opener is also an important factor in installation. A heavy duty garage door opener costs a little more but the performance it delivers is superior. The battery will last longer. The motor’s more durable. You’ll need to replace it less.

Different Types of Sacramento Overhead Garage Door

There are several different types of overhead doors designed for commercial businesses available at our shop in Sacramento. Sectional doors are constructed from galvanized steel and typically have thermal insulation to reduce heat transfer and outside noise. Aluminum glass doors have a nice look and let in plenty of natural light. They are a perfect option for restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops that might want a door to open its nice out. Rolling doors are made of interlocking flat or curved slots and are perfect when space is tight. If security is your main concern, you might opt for a security gate or grille. These are short stacking and low profile. They can be manually opened or automated.