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Ready to Upgrade Your Garage Door? 5 Great Ideas


Technology is amazing, especially when it comes to garage doors. If you are considering installing a new garage door, it pays to research the options available. You can also upgrade an existing door for better functions, features, and value. In fact, both installing a new door and upgrading an e

When you think about it, garage door technology really is amazing. These are highly complex mechanical objects. Though they weigh hundreds of pounds, they lift as light as a feather, at the touch of a button. That alone is impressive. But these days, there are so many new features you can get for a garage door as well as a garage door opener that it truly is a different world. Upgrading your garage door (either installing a new garage door or just adding more features) makes sense because it makes your life more convenient. It also improves your property values, a win-win all around.

That’s why an upgrade or new installation could be the perfect way to invest this year’s tax return!

Energy Efficient Garage Doors

Looking to improve your garage and cut down on your energy bills at the same time? Energy efficient garage doors are a great solution. You can install an insulated door — a great idea even in Sacramento California. It seals out the hot air in the summer so your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard — saving energy. You can also install fortified garage doors that come with 20 year warranties that will need fewer repairs. These kind of garage door installations pay for themselves over time — a win-win situation for the family budget.

Smart Garage Door Tech — Open Your Door from Your Phone

A smart garage door is one of the most exciting new technologies to come out in the last few years. It allows you to remotely control your garage door from anywhere — right from your phone, tablet, or PC connection. It’s great for package delivery — give the driver special instructions to call you directly and you can let them into the garage. It’s also perfect for when you have guests coming in early to town and you want to give them access to the house. And if you have kids — they’re going to forget to shut the garage door from time to time. With remote viewing, closing the door is as simple as pushing a button on your phone.

LED Lighting

LED lights are not only more efficient — but they’re brighter and last longer so you don’t have to change bulbs as often. By installing a motion activated LED light, you always have light in your garage — very handy when you come home late. And since they use a fraction of the energy of a traditional bulb, you’ll save money overtime.

Battery Backup

Battery backup is actually legally required on all garage doors installed in California as of this summer. But it’s still a good idea to upgrade whether or not you are installing a new door. The law was inspired by a congressman who had trouble accessing his door during a power outage in last summer’s wildfires. There were even reports of deaths because some families couldn’t access their vehicles. Battery backup is convenient in a blackout — and it can save your life.

Window Installation

Installing new windows in a garage door can dramatically improve the natural lighting of your garage. This is key if you plan to use your garage as a recreational area — say turn it into a bar, a sports watching lounge or exercise gym. Windows provide natural lighting that make the garage feel open, inviting and alive.

Wooden Garage Door Installation

If you are considering installing a new garage door, you can’t go wrong with an upgrade to a wooden garage door. Wood has a natural appeal that’s very beautiful. It can be especially attractive if you live in a heavily wooded or natural setting in Sacramento California, particularly the suburbs of Davis, Gold River, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Rocklin. True, wooden doors are generally more expensive. They also require a more upkeep — including weatherstripping, sanding and painting. Wooden doors can also be susceptible to termites and other bugs. But the expense and work required can be worth it. Plus, wooden doors can actually improve the value of your home if regularly maintained.

Sacramento Exterior Door Installers — Price & Options Available

The average cost to install an exterior door in Sacramento is about $900, though the price can range between $500 to $1,500. Prehung style doors are much easier to install but cost $150 to $200 more, though they reduce labor costs by 30 to 50%. Styles vary depending on your needs and taste. Many prefer ornate custom wood. Sliding backdoors are perfect for patios because they let in plenty of natural light. You might consider a fire-rated door if you live in Sacramento, especially with the wildfires California has been seeing lately. Function and security is important, but don’t overlook style. An exterior door plays a big role in how a home looks — which can significantly impact a home’s equity. In addition to garage doors, we do all types of doors and would be happy to assist you.