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6 Reasons You Should Think About Getting a New Garage Door


Weighing the pros and cons of switching out your old garage door and its opener? As far as home improvements go, a new garage door installation can add a lot to your life just in terms of convenience. Add all the other benefits and the pros definitely outweigh the costs. Here are the top reasons homeowners decide to give their garage door a major upgrade:

1. Customized Curb Appeal

White vinyl panel overhead door not your thing? No problem. With a new garage door, you can customize the materials, insulation, style, color, opener system, etc. Switch to a traditional look with carriage house doors or go on-trend and do a modern glass panel look. Make it match the rest of your home’s exterior and you’ll be the best-looking house on the block.

2. Home Security Support

An old garage door is a weak point in your home’s security. Even if you have an automatic opener, if it’s more than 10 years old, those keypads and remote fobs are super easy to hack. Not to mention that rusty door parts or a corroded corner on a panel presents opportunities for people with bad intentions to more easily breach your garage door.

3. Battery Backup Opener

Since 2019, it is mandated by the state of California to install garage door openers with battery backups on every garage door installation. These battery backups take the guesswork out of what to do when the power is out and you need your car. Whether you’re just trying to get to work on time or you’re evacuating because of a wildfire, having a new garage door and opener with a backup battery ups safety and convenience.

4. Smart-Tech Safety Features

Speaking of safety, the security boosts a new garage door offers aren’t just structural. You can equip today’s garage doors with smart features that keep your family and your property safe, like smartphone access, video monitoring, remote operation, Amazon delivery, and more, and they can all be integrated with most home security systems.

5. Remarkable Return on Investment

If someone asked you what is the home renovation with the best ROI, you’d likely say kitchen redo or bathroom addition, which, at best, come in at around a 70% return. Installing a new garage door blows those out of the water. With a 98% return, the cost of your garage door is nearly completely offset by your increase in home value.

6. Energy-Efficient Design

With more efficient drives, motors and LED lighting, garage door openers use much less power than in the past. Couple that with the thermal value of a new, well-insulated, properly installed and weather-sealed garage door, and you’ll likely notice a reduction in your home’s energy consumption. Plus, the garage won’t feel awful in the summers and drafty in the cold.What do you think; is your home due for a curb appeal makeover? Give us a call if you’d like more information about garage door and garage door opener cost, installation and care.