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Factors to Consider for Your New Garage Door


So it’s time. You need to purchase a new garage door. Whether you’re finishing up some new construction and need an initial garage door install, or you have a broken garage door that just can’t be saved, the situation is the same, and so are the variables. Yes, cost is a big factor, and so are the dimensions, but there are a lot of other variables to factor in before you make an expensive decision like this. Statistics show people throw an average of $2000 at a new garage door installation, so you deserve to be a bit picky about what you want. If you make all the right decisions, you’ll walk away with a 95%+ ROI, so there’s a lot more to invest in this new garage door than just money.

1. Budget

While your budget isn’t the only issue, it is going to be your limiting factor for what features and upgrades you’ll have to choose from. Decide on a budget before you even begin your search for a new garage door, and make sure you factor in not only the cost of the door and shipping, but also the cost of the contractor who will install the garage door.

2. Home Security

In many homes, garages are actually a weak spot when it comes to security, and a shoddy or broken garage door is often the culprit. Choose a material that’s strong; add security features like a smart garage door opener, and make sure after the initial install you get regular garage door maintenance done so you can be certain there aren’t any easy ins for people with bad intentions.

3. Safety Features

Do you have toddlers running around? Or a couple goofy dogs who are a little clumsy? Choose to install a garage door in tandem with extra safety features like emergency stop and motion sensors.

4. Garage Door Construction Material

There are several material options for a new garage door, and each has its pros and cons.

  • Steel: Steel garage doors are popular because they’re well-rounded; they provide good insulation and noise reduction, they’re strong and durable, and they’re affordable. However, they’re easily dented and not entirely weather-proof long-term.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum garage doors are lightweight, making installation of the garage door easier and daily operation of the door less taxing on the garage door opener’s motor, as well as all the other moving garage door parts. Aluminum also resists corrosion and rust. On the other hand, it’s easily dented and can become brittle with repeated exposure to hot, sunny summers.
  • Wood: The appearance of wooden garage doors are what attract most people. Wood is also a better insulator than steel, and can be stained or painted to match virtually any style of home. However, wood is high maintenance if you want to stave off water or UV damage, and wooden garage doors are really heavy.
  • Fiberglass: A fiberglass garage door costs around the same as a steel one, but it’s lighter and impervious to water damage. It can’t warp or rot and it’s very low-maintenance. On the downside, fiberglass garage doors are more brittle than other materials, making any accidents more likely to result in a completely broken garage door. Fiberglass doesn’t do well in high winds, and on its own has no insulation value.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl garage doors boast extreme durability. They’re resistant to all kinds of damage, and even when little dings and dents do occur, they’re not nearly as noticeable as on a metal garage door. They’re rust-proof, waterproof, resistant to UV damage, and can handle extreme weather. Unfortunately, that doesn’t count extreme cold, which can cause the vinyl to become brittle. And like fiberglass, vinyl on its own has no insulation value, so you have to get an insulated garage door for it to be worth it.

5. Local Climate

Garage doors are the most abused of a home’s exterior doors. They get used constantly and they’re always exposed to the elements. So when considering the materials and insulation for your new garage door install, think about:

  • Seasonal temperature fluctuation: how often and how extreme
  • Any extreme weather, such as high winds, flooding, hurricanes, blizzards, etc.
  • If you’re near a coast, salt water air is a factor

6. Garage Door Opener Motor

When choosing a garage door opener, you have to choose a motor that can handle the weight and movement of the door material you chose. There’s also all the moving garage door parts that come along with the opener system to consider.

7. Technology and the Cost of Convenience

Nowadays, there are ways to make your garage door “smart.” You can add features to your garage door opener that allow you to monitor the use of the door, open and close it from anywhere using your smartphone, and provide limited or temporary access to people like deliverymen.

8. Style

Your garage door should match your home. An uber-modern glass and aluminum full-view garage door is not going to look right on a Victorian home. Just the same, carriage house-style doors would look ridiculous on a mid-century modern home. Another thing to consider is that not all garage doors are overhead doors anymore; there are several different styles available:

  • Raised-Panel: This is the classic, sectioned overhead garage door. 
  • Carriage Style: These doors resemble historic “garage” doors and are usually two doors that swing out and in to open and close.
  • Roll-up: This type of garage door raises itself into a coil instead of flat across the ceiling.

There are many ways to customize the look and function of your door. Do you want windows? Frosted-glass panels? Single or double doors? The possibilities are vast.

When You’ve Chosen Just the Right New Garage Door for You

So. You’ve done all your research, worked with the best exterior door installers in town, waited for your custom garage door to be made, and have had it installed. What’s next? At Sac’s, we always preach the importance of regular garage door maintenance. Too often, the broken garage doors we service or replace aren’t even that old – they’ve just been ignored. Regular inspections and lubrication by a professional garage door maintenance and repair service like ours can keep your repair costs down and make sure your new garage door lasts the decades that it should.

Considering a New Overhead Door? Things to Think About…

When you’re ready to invest in a new overhead garage door, whether it’s on a home or a business, you’ve got several things to consider. Budget is obviously going to determine a lot as far as the type of garage door you choose and what features it has. So organize your thoughts about the other aspects of the door so you know exactly what you’re looking for. What’s the size of the opening? What kind of overhead space do you have? Does the new overhead garage door need to be insulated? What kind of opener system do you want? There’s a lot to think about.