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Garage Door Opens on Its Own? How to Fix This Bizarre Phenomenon

Garage Door Opens on Its Own How to Fix This Bizarre Phenomenon

It’s a rather scary and downright bizarre phenomenon — your garage door spontaneously opens on its own, no prompting from you, perhaps even when you are not at home or in the middle of the night when you’re fast asleep. It’s understandable to be a little freaked out — it’s a major security risk that leaves your house and possessions vulnerable to thieves.

The good news is you (probably) don’t have a poltergeist. Here are a few common reasons for why your garage door is opening on its own — and how to fix the problem.

Old Batteries

Aging batteries are the most common reason behind garage door malfunctions — and the one most homeowners overlook. Most remotes only require the standard batteries you can buy in the battery aisle of your hardware store — but some may require a specialized battery.

Sticky Buttons

Sometimes a button on an older garage door opener starts to stick or becomes difficult to use. Essentially, the remote or wall panel controller is worn out. The best course of action is to simply replace it with a new remote. Make sure the replacement remote is compatible with the opener itself.

Power Surge

A power surge caused by a lightning storm can run havoc on all sorts of home appliances — and the garage door opener is no exception. Fortunately, the opener most likely isn’t destroyed — but its codes have been scrambled. This can be difficult to reprogram sometimes because of rolling codes that make the door more secure. You may need to call a professional.

Circuit Board Problems

If the problem is the circuit board, you’ll need to replace the entire board. Unless you’re an electrician, you’ll need to call in a garage door professional for this job. Sac’s Garage Door Repair offers repairs for the Sacramento area, including emergency garage door repairs 24/7.

Wiring Problems

Sometimes, a short in the wiring that connects the opener may be the culprit. The wiring issue may also be related to safety sensors. Perhaps an exposed wire may also be responsible.

Again, you’ll need to contact a garage door professional or an electrician.

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