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Need to Reprogram a Genie Garage Door Opener? Our How-to Garage Door Repair Guide

Need to Reprogram a Genie Garage Door Opener Our How-to Garage Door Repair Guide

Own a Genie garage door opener that suddenly stops working? Perhaps it needs to be reprogrammed. This is a fairly easy repair you may need to do periodically following a thunderstorm or power outage. Though it’s not quite as simple as flipping a switch, there is a process to follow. This garage door opener repair guide explains how to reprogram your Genie garage door opener. It totally falls in the category of DIY garage door opener repair.

Each model may take a different approach — it’s detailed in the manual it came with. But chances are that one went in the recycling long ago. Who can keep track of it all nowadays? Fortunately, the Internet makes finding what you need to know readily accessible.

An Easy Process Explained

Each model has a button on it that says “Learn Code” on it. To find this button, you’ll need to remove the lens cover on the motor in the area of the light bulb. Press the button until the LED light blinks rapidly for 30 seconds. The blinking will stop once you press the button on the remote that needs programmed.

To do this, make sure the remote is no farther than 2 feet away from the garage door opener. This will allow both to code according to the specific frequency required. The biggest mistake most homeowners is not being close enough.

Safety First

A garage door weighs several hundred pounds — not to be taken, er, lightly, shall we say. Keep kids and pets away from the garage door when reprogramming your remote. If something should go wrong, you don’t want anybody or anything beneath that door if it comes crashing down.

The Difference Between Various Genie Models

The Genie garage door opener remote is conveniently designed to work on all of the company’s different models. The IntelliG of ReliaG Pro Series run off either a 140V DC Belt/Chain Drive model. These include models 3024, 4024 and 3020

Need Help?

If you run into a snag, or just would prefer the convenience of a professional. Give us a call. We offer professional garage door services to the Sacramento, California area. We also offer emergency garage door service, including opener repair, 24/7. We can help you on site anytime, day or night. All of our work is insured and guaranteed.

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance Repair for Your Garage Door

Did you know the two most important tools to repair your garage door (or prevent it from breaking in the first place) are a lug wrench and a can of garage door lubricant? We can’t stress enough how important preventative maintenance is to keeping your garage door in top working order. Every few months, take a lug wrench and tighten the bolts and nuts of your garage door. All that movement eventually wiggles these parts loose and a little tightening can not only quiet your door but help it last longer. It’s also a good idea to take a can of garage door lubricant and oil any moving parts, including the chain, cables, brackets, and rollers. Just don’t use WD40, which can cause these parts to prematurely rust. Only use an approved garage door lubricant. A paint brush works best to oil in hard to reach parts, like nooks and crannies!