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Is Your Garage Door as Secure As it could be?


The number one precaution you can take to prevent thieves from ransacking your garage or gaining access to your home is also the most obvious — keep the door closed! Burglars will always choose the path of least resistance, and even if you have a home security system, it probably isn’t sophisticated enough to prevent someone from stealing an expensive circular saw or cordless drill if they can walk right in undetected. There are many additional things to consider and precautions you can take listed below

1. Keep it closed!

Keep your garage door closed as often as you can. Even if it’s open when you’re home during the day, you don’t want anyone eyeing your belongings and making plans to return later. There have even been cases where a homeowners association stipulation to keep doors closed at all times reduced burglaries in the area by 50 percent. If you’re someone who tends to absentmindedly leave it open, there are gadgets to help. Four around $45 you can install an automatic garage door closer that can be programmed to close your garage door after anywhere from 2-20 minutes.

2. Lock the door inside.

Keep the door leading from the garage to your house locked, especially when out of town. Many people tend to leave this door unlocked, but it should be no different than any other entryway. Most burglars easily find properties where doors are unlocked and they can let themselves in.

3. Secure your garage door’s emergency release.

Thanks to YouTube, intruders can easily release the emergency handle of your garage door using a coat hanger, a method authorities have been seeing for over 20 years. The most common solution is to secure the handle with a zip tie, but if you actually need to open it in an emergency, you will have to make sure to have an easily accessible scissors to break the tie. A better solution is a “Garage Shield,” which blocks outside access to the emergency release, while leaving it accessible to you.

4. Hide that remote.

Don’t keep your remote garage door opener clipped to the sun visor in your car. If your car is unlocked, it’s the first place thieves will look. You should treat your garage door opener remote as if it’s a key to your house. You can do just that by programming a universal keychain mini remote, available for about $40.

5. Update your keypad.

Your keypad can also pose a risk, especially if it was made before 2011. Universal codes can be found online, allowing thieves to reprogram your keypad and let themselves in.

6. Use Motion Sensor Lights.

These are often sufficient for scaring thieves away, as they’d rather work in the shadows and find easier ways in. Motion lights are especially helpful if you have a detached garage, or if your garage is surrounded by bushes.

7. Be smart about travel.

While on vacation, you certainly want to make sure the garage door is closed, and also want to unplug your automatic opener, which is vulnerable to being hacked. Ask a neighbor to check in on your house if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, and keep a few interior lights on while you’re away. You can also padlock the track of your garage door by inserting a lock, bolt or clamp, preventing it from moving if anyone attempts.

8. Install a home security system.

You can of course install an alarm system for more comprehensive protection. Most security systems can now be accessed from your phone so that no matter where you are, you can view security footage and receive notification of suspicious activity.

9. Modify your windows.

Garage doors featuring a row of windows is certainly on trend. Even though these windows are usually located at the top of the door, many designs feature windows at eye level in order to let in even more natural light. If your glass or acrylic panels aren’t already frosted, you can purchase window film that mimics frosted glass.

10. Call a technician.

If you’re still feeling vulnerable, maybe there have been more break-ins in your area lately, you recently purchased an expensive item that will be stored in your garage, or you’re leaving for an extended period of time. Contact your local garage door company for an affordable tune-up where a technician can go over vulnerabilities in your system and suggest upgrades. Here at Sacs we offer complete repairs, tune-ups, and locksmith services if you’re located in El Dorado Hills or nearby counties in Sacramento.

Getting a new garage door can solve several problems

There’s never a wrong time for new garage door installation. In fact, there are probably several hassles you haven’t realized would be eliminated by getting a new door. It’s past time to upgrade to a smart technology system, so you can open or close the garage door from afar — and even remotely give access to an Amazon deliverer so they can place your package inside. Replacing your garage door will practically pay for itself, because a new well-insulated door will cut your utility bill by not letting hot or cool air escape. Sac’s Garage door Repair is available to repair or replace garage doors, anytime of year, anytime of day. Give us a call.