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How to Keep Your Garage Door Functional


Common Causes of a Garage Door That Won't OpenOne of the biggest reasons we receive broken garage door service calls is due failing garage door parts. Sometimes breakdowns happen and there’s nothing you can do about it. But on the other hand, sometimes the breakdown is preventable. That’s what we’d like to talk about today.

Most parts on a garage door are rated to last a certain length of time, like your garage door springs. If they break down prematurely, this might be due to a lack of lubrication and care.

One of the biggest tell-tale signs that your door is past-due for lubrication is that it’s noisy during operation. Your garage door shouldn’t creak, groan, crack, or make any other type of odd noise. In fact, it should be relatively quiet!

Pro-tip! Always use an approved garage door lubricant — not WD40, which can cause the parts of your garage door to rust prematurely. You should oil your garage door as a regular garage door repair every few months. Use a brush to get into the cracks. Oil the chain, the rollers, hinges and any moving parts.

So, if you want to extend the lifespan of your garage door and all of its parts, simply apply a small amount of white lithium grease or silicone lubricant to the metal parts and take care of rust before it builds up.

Have You Had Your Garage Door Professionally Inspected?

One easy way to keep up on garage door repair is to hire a professional to inspect it annually. They can check the balance, inspect the springs, look at your rollers for any signs of wear and tear. This way, you can spot potential garage door issues ahead of time. You can then get them repaired before they become more expensive issues. This also helps you avoid emergency repair calls. It’s a great way to save money on garage door repair, lengthen the lifespan of your garage door and have a door that works great.

Garage Door Opener Repair: When the Remote Works But Wall Mount Doesn’t

If your garage door opener remote works but the wall mount doesn’t, you’ll probably need to replace either the wall switch or the switch wires. To figure out which, start by doing a minor hotwiring job. Unscrew the switch to detach from the wall and connect the two wires together. Don’t worry about shock. They are extremely low voltage and very safe. If the opener works, the switch is faulty. You’ll want to buy a new one that’s compatible with your model. If the door doesn’t work when the wires are connected, use a small wire to jump those two wires at the terminal. If the opener works, you’ve got a bad wire connecting the opener to the switch. Replace it and this should repair your garage door opener.