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Prevent Garage Door Break-ins with These 5 Simple Security Tips

Reminder - Keep Your Garage Door Closed

When it comes to breaking into an empty home under the cover of night, and especially when it comes to robbing people, the garage door is a favorite for burglars. It’s obvious why – it’s a huge door with pretty much limitless potential for finding weak spots. This is especially true for many homeowners who neglect to keep their garage door in top working shape. 

Don’t be one of those many homeowners. It’s simple to keep your garage secure, but you’ve got to give it some time and attention so that it’s just as secure as the rest of your house. Here are 5 things you can do to make sure your garage is all but break-in proof:

1. Outsmart the Wire-Hanger Break-in Method

One of the most popular methods thieves use to break into garages involves a simple method of inserting a wire clothes hanger into the top of the panel and releasing the safety. This trick can allow entry into your garage in as little as six seconds. This can be especially problematic if you’re one of many homeowners who leave their interior garage door unlocked.

In order to prevent this, simply install a little metal plate that acts as a shield for the safety. It blocks the ability to reach the safety from the outside, but doesn’t stop you from being able to release it in case where you need to.

2. Add Privacy Film to Your Garage Door’s Windows

Not being able to immediately see what goods you’ve got to steal is a deterrent for would-be intruders. There are tinted films you can easily install yourself. They let light in but obscure view of the interior from the outside. Plus, these films reinforce the windows, making them harder to break.

3. Install Motion-Sensor Lights on Your Garage

Install these inside the garage door as well as the outside sconces on either side of the door. Not only is it convenient for day-to-day when you’re pulling up to the house at night, but light is a huge deterrent for thieves. 

The minute someone is lit up, it’s like a spotlight in the night. They’ll be picked up on any cameras and anyone driving by can see them, too. Guaranteed that if your garage door is flanked with motion-activated lights, you won’t have people creeping around trying to wedge their way into your home.

4. Install Security Cameras

We love a good mini wi-fi camera. They’re easy to install, use and monitor without any need for professional help. Stick them outside the garage; add a doorbell cam to the front of your house; have one overlooking the driveway. If anything, the simple presence of a camera is a deterrent to intruders. Plus, if something were to happen, you’ll likely have video evidence to use for the police and insurance.

5. Secure All Entries to the Garage

What good is a secure garage door if the back door to the garage is corroded, crooked and half-closed? Make sure any pedestrian doors that lead to the garage, as well as the inner door that leads to your home, are in good condition, secure, and close and lock correctly. While you’re at it, stick a little camera on each of those doors, too. 

Another Reason to Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener: Security

If your garage door opener is old and relies solely on a remote and keypad, you’re leaving your home up for easy break-ins. Most of those keypad signals can easily be hacked by people who aren’t even that tech-savvy. New garage door openers are smart – in more than one way. You can remotely operate your door, monitor its use, control access, lights, etc.

The other great safety features of newer garage door openers is the personal safety aspect. Because they’re required to have battery backup units, you never have to worry about being stuck in or out of your garage. This is convenient in regular power outages, and potentially life-saving in emergency wildfire evacuations.It’s easy to make your garage door secure; it just takes a bit of time and effort. And if you’re not a DIY person, a home visit from the professionals at SACS, who can take care of it for you!

Garage Door Springs: Watch Out for This Common Repair Scam

One of the most common repair scams involves upselling torsion springs for a garage door. This usually starts with the technician offering you different tiers of spring pricing up to a “lifetime” warranty choice. First, spring manufacturers typically only provide 90-day warranties on their springs. Any longer period than that would have to be covered by your technician. Most companies only offer an additional 2 to 3 years and if they go out of business – you’re out of luck. Even the lowest-rated spring should last you more than five years if you operate your door a few times a day. If it sounds like too good of a deal to be true, it’s probably better to call a different company.