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The Sky’s the Limit When Transforming Your Garage


Think Beyond the Obvious Office Conversion

Last year we gave you some tips on transforming your garage from a dirty, dusty place crammed with clutter and tools into the office space of your dreams. Even though many more people are working from home these days, you might already have a home office. You also might have more people than you’re used to working from home at the same time. There has never been a better time for carving out space in order to escape and focus on any number of things. Here are some ideas for converting your garage into a getaway that has nothing to do with work.

As we outlined before, it is possible to install a drywall partition or moveable wall to separate your enclave from where you normally park your car. You can also decide to park your car in the driveway, after performing a cost benefit analysis comparing the value of your sanity to having a spotless car.

Man Caves and Diva Dens

While “She Sheds” have become the answer to the “Man Cave,” they’re usually built in a standalone building in the back yard. There’s no reason why you can’t make use of the garage space you already have and develop a “Diva Den,” where you can do whatever you want. After cleaning up the space, installing flooring, extra installation, and safe electric sources, it can be a place where you watch TV, read, meditate, gossip with a friend, or work on the project of your choice. If you’re more relaxed spending free time in a room inside your house, the garage can be deemed the “Man Cave,” so that sounds of football games, drinking or loud music can be contained in the newly remodeled, (possibly soundproof) garage.

Gym or Yoga Studio

There are more options than ever for finding fitness classes online. The only problem is, you need a large space in your home where you can follow along, actually get a good workout, and not be tripping over toys or banging shins on coffee tables. Even if you keep your house clutter free, it can be harder to gain motivation to do a class when you need to move furniture aside and pretend your living room is a gym. Not to mention, it is easier to customize the floor in your garage to the material of your choice. Having a weight room in your garage is not a novel idea, but think outside the box and model your fitness room after your favorite gym or workout facility you usually frequent. A yoga studio doesn’t need much more than a mirror and a place for your mat, but you’ll definitely want to paint, install flooring and make the area as comfortable as can be.

Bar or Party Room

Garages have always housed coolers of drinks and card tables covered with food during outdoor parties on Labor Day and Fourth of July. But what if your garage acted as your own personal bar or party room, any time of year? You can have a refrigerator, wine cooler, bar and sink, with the help of a plumber and electrician. Mood lighting is easy to install, as well as seating for conversations and watching TV. If dance parties are more your style, leave open space, install a disco ball, and your garage will be the hottest hangout in town.

Switch Your Garage Door Spring From Extension to Torsion if You Haven’t Already

Attempting to repair or replace garage door springs can be a dangerous job, and it’s usually not worth the risk of DIY-ing. As designs have improved, however, springs have been modified to be a bit more safe. The two kinds of garage door springs are “extension” and “torsion,” with extension being the old version, and torsion being the new. Extension springs are typically found in older Sacramento homes and are dangerous because of the possibility they could snap free and fly apart (being under so much tension), when you attempt to remove or repair. If a torsion spring breaks, it stays attached to its torsion tube, making it more safe, and it’s easier to balance as well.