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The Benefits of An Access Control System for Homes & Businesses


An access control system is a sophisticated technology that helps you control who comes in and out of your gate. Devices can vary but most involve some version of transmitters, card readers, keypads, timers, and telephone systems. It’s an essential investment in the security of your business that’s also highly convenient and accessible when you need it to be.

Keypad Security

Even a simple keypad or transmitter makes it not only simpler for you to access but downright impossible for thieves.

With the traditional key or lock for a garage door, thieves can pick the lock or otherwise break the door open. Keypads meanwhile have thousands of combinations that are nearly impossible to pick. A transmitter is specific only to that garage door. Both are highly secure.

Keeping a Record

The beauty of an access control system is you have a very detailed record of anyone who accesses the building and when. You can make codes and cards identity specific so you always know who’s using the system and when.

Telephone Security

As a homeowner, you might consider a remote access control system for an outside gate. This way, anyone wanting access would have to first telephone you before accessing the property. This can be key for security.

A Modern Appeal

Keypad access gives your business an appeal of professionalism. It sets a great impression from a very important entrypoint. It shows that your business is highly technologically advanced. The same is true for residences. Keypad entry, whether on a gate or installed in a garage door, gives a home a modern technological touch that can be trendy with the tech minded in the Sacramento community. Isn’t it time to step into the 21st century?

4 Types of Sacramento Garage Door Openers

There are 4 basic types of garage door openers that are popular in Sacramento. They all have one thing in common — each has a motor that moves a trolley. The method of connecting the trolley to the motor can vary according to the type and design of the garage door opener. The trolley is what connects to the door to move it up and down. A chain drive garage door opener uses a metal chain to connect the trolley to the door. It’s cheap and affordable but very loud. A belt driven garage door uses a rubber belt to connect to the trolley. A belt driven garage door opener is smooth and quiet — and since it has less rumbling moving parts it’s much easier to maintain. A screw drive garage door opener uses a metal steel rod to move the door. It’s low vibration that’s very quiet and doesn’t require much maintenance. With a direct drive garage door opener, the motor is connected to the trolley directly. It’s very quiet.