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This Is Why WD-40 Should Not Be Used on Garage Parts


Are You Using the Wrong Lubricant on Your Garage Door?

Should You Lubricate Garage Door TracksGot a noisy garage door? Don’t grab that trusty can of WD-40 just yet. In case you didn’t know, WD-40 isn’t a lubricant! It’s actually a solvent – and a great one at that. Because it’s a solvent, it’ll dissolve rust, grime, and even the beneficial oil on your garage door parts. The smooth performance that many notice after using WD-40 is actually due to the cleaning action, and not because of its lubricating qualities.

After using WD-40, there may be a minimal amount of mineral oil coating, but this is not adequate for the parts on your garage.

Are Triple-Layered Steel Garage Door Installations Worth It?

If you’re searching for a garage door replacement service, you may have stumbled upon the many different options available when it comes to a new door. The choices may be overwhelming and how do you know if the price is worth it? One of the most expensive choices is a triple-layered steel door. The exterior of this door will be made of steel in varying thickness, with a middle insulation layer followed by another layer of steel. This will offer superior soundproofing and help reduce your heating and cooling costs. If you’re someone that spends a lot of time in your garage or is conscious of home energy use, then a triple-layered door is a great investment for your home.