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What Does the Average Homeowner Pay for a New Garage Door?


What’s the cost of a garage door? The answer to this question depends on a lot of different variables. Geography, weather, size, number, type, opener, and insulation can all affect what a given garage door repair or install costs. But for the sake of brevity, say you’re getting a standard size and style of garage door: Home Advisor estimates the national average at $1200 and gives a range of $260-$2300. We’re assuming that low end is garage repair DIY attempts, and we gotta say- that is not a smart way to go when replacing a garage door. 

Regarding the cost of a new garage door plus installation, FIXR estimates, specifically for a one-car overhead garage door, that the average price is about $1000, ranging anywhere from $475 to $4120. AHS even tells us a new garage door can cost up to 10 grand depending on size and customizations. The thing is, any of these answers could be true, but it all depends on the choices you make.

New Garage Door Customizations

  • Insulated doors: If you want a double or triple-layer door for insulation or weather-resistance purposes, this will drive up the cost of your garage door. Steel overhead sectional doors require insulation to be energy-efficient. Wood garage doors are more naturally insulated, especially with solid-core designs.
  • Material: Believe it or not, if you want a wooden garage door made of a hardwood like redwood, cedar or mahogany, these are among the most expensive materials to choose from. Steel is more affordable than wood, and has other advantages, like low-maintenance, light-weight, rust-resistance, and durability. You can’t replace the look of a wood garage door, but you have to be prepared for regular maintenance so it doesn’t rot or warp.
  • Windows: If you want windows of any sort on your new garage door, especially ones with upgrades like privacy frost and shatter proofing, you’re going to pay more for that.
  • Need a new garage door opener, too? That’s another cost. Wood overhead doors weigh a lot, so require more heavy-duty garage door openers. Likewise, adding features to your automatic door opener, like smart tech, is another feature upgrade.
  • Need the opening to your garage resized or reframed? That’ll up the bill as well.

Ask a Pro About Designing Your New Garage Door

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when you’re budgeting for new garage doors. You can definitely control the cost to some extent, but something you should never compromise on is the cost of having professionals install the garage door. Exterior door installers are experts at dealing with the size, weight and many moving parts of installing a garage door; hiring a company like ours, with expert technicians, is really the only way to be sure the installation was done correctly so that your door will last a long time. 

We can help you through the process from design to installation of your new garage door. And we can also perform ongoing maintenance and repairs for your garage door as it ages, prolonging its life and reducing the risk of the garage door breaking. One thing you can be sure of, though, is whatever you do invest in your new garage door, you’ll see a great return on that investment if you ever go to sell your home.

Why You Should Never Repair a Garage Door Spring by Yourself

Some garage door repairs are okay to perform by yourself. But when it comes to fixing a broken garage door spring? That’s a hard no. Garage door spring repair is best left to the professionals. Why? Well, regardless of the type of springs on your overhead garage door, they are under a lot of torque or tension. The springs do a lot of the heavy lifting in the operation of your garage door. If a spring snaps, it could hurt people or property nearby. Even worse, if you try to repair or replace a broken garage door spring yourself, you could get severely injured. So play it safe: stop using your garage door ASAP and call in the professionals.